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    Bleach: Who Is Ichigo’s Mother? Is She A Quincy?

    The protagonist of the anime ‘Bleach’ is Ichigo. The other supporting cast does, however, occasionally get a chance to stand out. His family, though, is a group that is rarely in the spotlight. Although we occasionally meet his father and his sisters, they primarily serve as supporting cast members. 

    Even more so, Ichigo’s mother is subject to the same thing. In actuality, the only time we meet his mother in the series is right at the start, and after that, she pretty much disappears from the narrative entirely. Up until the arrival of the last arc, ‘The Thousand-Year Blood War’. This is the point at which we finally understand how important Ichigo’s mother is to the larger plot of ‘Bleach’

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    Who Is Ichigo’s Mother? 

    Ichigo's mother
    Ichigo’s mother

    Masaki Kurosaki is Ichigo’s mother’s name. She is a young woman with a strong sense of justice who is vivacious and carefree. She is the kind of person who would take action before thinking, a quality she would impart to her son Ichigo. 

    Ichigo’s mother is a Quincy of pure blood. Quincy, a unique race with the ability to recognize both Hollows and souls. Many Quincy were exterminated by the Shinigami long before the ‘Bleach’ story began. Quincies’ excessive Hollow hunting, which almost brought about the end of the world, was the cause of this. 

    How Did Masaki Die?  

    Masaki Kurosaki

    The Hollow frequently used a lure to entice unwary people to its site, one of the earliest significant foes in the ‘Bleach’ series is Grand Fisher. Ichigo first came upon the monster when he was just nine years old. When the Grand Fisher threw out his lure, he was strolling with his mother close to a river bank. Ichigo chased after the young girl he thought he had seen diving into the ocean. 

    In order to defend Ichigo from Grand Fisher, Masaki pursued him. Unfortunately, Yhwach and the Auswahlen took her Quincy abilities. This wasn’t made clear until the Thousand Year Blood War, which comes close to the end of the ‘Bleach’ series. Masaki was ultimately killed by the Grand Fisher shortly after. 

    Ichigo has a lot of abilities in the ‘Bleach’ manga, and Masaki is primarily to blame for that. More importantly, she was a devoted parent who looked out for her kids. She also gave birth to Karin and Yuzu in addition to Ichigo. The family would visit her grave on an annual basis to pay their respects. 

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