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    Can A God Of Destruction Hakai The Associate Angel In ‘Dragon Ball’?

    Dragon Ball‘ has been ongoing for over 20 years and has yet to face a decline in popularity and fan following. The reason for the high popularity of the show is its plot and characters that do not get repetitive. Every new season introduces new characters and new plotlines.

    Two of the characters that were introduced later in the series are Angels and Gods of destruction. Both the angels and the gods are extremely powerful and can defeat any mortal being. However, the fans are curious about whether a god of destruction can hakai his associated angel. Read to find out.

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    What Is Hakai?

    Beerus using Hakai against Zamasu

    Hakai is a blast of extremely powerful energy. This is a very strong technique and is typically used by the gods of destruction. It is similar to God Ki, but unlike it, it cannot heal anything. Hakai is made purely for destruction and does not provide benefits to the person it is used on.

    Hakai can destroy a person or object to nothing if used. It can be used in different manners, for instance, by holding someone’s palm out, or by extending the index and middle finger in the shape of a gun. The result will always be either the person getting hit by a strong blast of energy or being reduced to nothing.

    The Hakai can be used to destroy universes with a single blast. However, it has a limit, the Hakai cannot destroy immortal beings. This was solidified by Beerus when he suggested that a spell might work better against fused Zamasu than Hakai.

    Can A God Of Destruction Hakai His Angel?

    A powerful Hakai blast

    This is a very tricky question as this situation might never arise in the series. However, in a hypothetical situation, it would not be possible for the god of destruction to use Hakai on their associated angel. This is because as mentioned above, Hakai cannot disintegrate or destroy any immortal beings. Angels are immortal and can only be killed if they break a code of angel law.

    In addition to that, angels are far more powerful than gods of destruction and it would be very hard for a god to hit an angel in the first place. These are the reasons why a god of destruction could not Hakai his associated angel in Dragon Ball.

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