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    ‘Demon Slayer’: Why Is Muzan Looking For Blue Spider Lily?

    ‘Demon Slayer’ is one of the most popular anime of all time. The anime is quite famous for its plot, animation, and amazing characters. One character that is a fan favorite is Muzan who also happens to be the primary antagonist of the series. Fans love the mystery and allure that surrounds Muzan. 

    There are many mysteries surrounding him that entice the fans. He may be a bad character, but he is certainly a charming one. One mystery, however, the fans want to be solved is why the demon king wishes to acquire the blue spider lily. 

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    Who Is Kibutsuji Muzan?

    Kibutsuji Muzan
    Kibutsuji Muzan

    Kibutsuji Muzan, simply known as Muzan, is the first demon to ever come into existence. He is the one that the Hashira and the demon slayers are trying to defeat. In addition to being the first demon, he is also the strongest of them. Kibutsuji Muzan used to be a human before he became a demon. Ever since he was born, he was always sick. Many doctors tried to cure him but nothing worked. However, there was one doctor who experimented with medicine and he managed to cure Muzan. The catch was that Muzan was turned into a demon. 

    This is how the first demon in the ‘Demon Slayer’ came into existence. Due to how he suffered as a human, Muzan’s main goal is to become truly immortal. Personality-wise, Kibutsuji Muzan is a very cautious and suspicious individual. He doesn’t tell anyone where he is, only some of the upper moons are aware of it. In addition to that, he doesn’t let any demon speak his name either. The demons cannot walk in the sun and Muzan wishes to conquer this weakness as well. He created the 12 kizuki and the other demons to try to overcome this weakness.

    Why Does He Want The Blue Spider Lily?

    The blue spider lily
    The blue spider lily

    As mentioned above, Kibutsuji Muzan was turned into a demon due to the medicine he consumed. The blue spider lily was an ingredient of the said medicine. The blue spider lily is said to be a very beautiful flower that blooms once a year. Muzan knew that the lily was used in the medicine and wanted to look for it. 

    After he was turned into a demon, Muzan figured out the weaknesses of his new form as well. Whilst the new body gave him extra strength and made him quite powerful, it made him crave human flesh. His biggest weakness was that he couldn’t go out in the sun. It is believed that the demon who consumes the blue spider lily can overcome its weakness and can walk in the sun. This is why he was looking for it. 

    The lily blooms once a year and for a span of two to three days. After that, the plant resembles a weed. The reason why he was unable to find the flower is because he cannot go out in the sun when the flower blooms. Kamado Tanjiro and Kamado Nezuko’s mom took Tanjiro to see the blue spider lily when he was very young. This is why Kibutsuji Muzan was in search of the blue spider lily. 

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    Riya Dubey
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