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    How Was Muzan Able To Live In A Crowded City Under Hashiras’ Nose?

    ‘Demon Slayer’ has become one of the most popular anime of all time. The third season, covering the swordsmith village arc, was recently released and it has created a buzz in the anime world. Fans love the season and are eagerly waiting for the subsequent seasons. They are waiting for many mysteries to be solved. 

    One mystery they wish to solve, however, is related to Muzan. Kibutsuji Muzan, the demon king, lived in very crowded cities and the Hashira were never aware of it. Fans wish to know why that is.  

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    Who Is Kibutsuji Muzan?

    Kibutsuji Muzan
    Kibutsuji Muzan

    Kibutsuji Muzan is the demon king and the strongest demon in ‘Demon Slayer’. He is extremely powerful and has multiple hearts and brains. Due to this trait of his, Muzan is extremely hard to kill. In addition to that, he is very powerful and is the only demon with the ability to create more demons. Muzan aims to be able to walk in the sun, which will make him truly immortal. To achieve this goal, he is trying to find the blue spider lily but hasn’t been successful. 

    Muzan was human before he was turned into a demon. Ever since he was born, Muzan had been ill and was constantly under threat of dying. He was experimented on to find a cure for him, and those experiments failed and turned him into a demon. Ever since he became a demon the only time he was close to dying was when he fought Yoriichi Tsugikuni

    Muzan demands the utmost respect from his demons and values competency. He put a curse on the demons so that they wouldn’t be able to say his name. Only a select few demons are allowed to say his name. If a demon chooses to speak his name out loud, he dies a horrific death. He also killed all of his lower moons apart from one because he found them useless. 

    How Was He Able To Live In A Crowded City?

    Muzan appearing as a young boy
    Muzan appearing as a young boy

    Kibutsuji Muzan is a very cautious and suspicious demon. He is constantly looking for ways that will make him stronger and safer. One of the reasons why Muzan was able to live in different crowded cities is that not everyone knew his name. Due to his curse, only a few demon slayers know his name. 

    Another reason is that Muzan changes his appearance every so often. He doesn’t stick to one body or one appearance for a long period. In addition to that, only his upper moons are aware of his changing appearance, and sometimes he hides his appearance even from them. Muzan stays in cities to avoid suspicion. 

    He also stays with different families sometimes. He once took on the appearance of a young boy and lived with a family. Albeit the family was scared of Muzan impersonating the young boy, he managed to hide his true identity. Hashira never suspected him to do this and even though they knew that Muzan changed his appearance, they couldn’t pinpoint him. This is why they were quite surprised when Tanjiro was able to run into him. This is why Kibutsuji Muzan was able to live in crowded cities right under the Hashira’s noses.

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    Riya Dubey
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