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    ‘Demon Slayer’: Why Was Kamado Family Living In Isolation?

    ‘Demon Slayer’ is one of the most popular anime currently and for good reason. Fans truly love the anime and are eagerly waiting for its new episodes. One of the reasons why fans love the anime is Kamado Tanjiro, the main character. His personality, and character growth are loved by the fans. 

    One thing however the fans question is his family. The Kamado family used to live in a forest all by themselves before they were murdered. Fans wonder why the family chose to live in isolation. 

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    What Is The Kamado Family?

    Tanjiro with his family
    Tanjiro with his family

    The Kamado family is Tanjiro and Nezuko’s family. The Kamado family was very peaceful and lived in a forest by themselves. The family consisted of Tanjiro, his five siblings, his mother, and his father. The family used to sell coal in the nearby town to sustain themselves. 

    Tanjiro’s father, Kamado Tanjuro, was a kind man and he taught him the Hinokami Kagura. After his father’s death, Tanjiro adjusted himself to the role of the father as the eldest child. He was the one who started cutting wood and going to the town to sell the coal. Tanjiro’s mother, Kamado Kie once took him to see the blue spider lily. The blue spider lilies are flowers that bloom once a year and only for a couple of days. These are the same flowers that Kibutsuji Muzan had been looking for for many years. 

    One day when Tanjiro was about to go to the town to sell coal, two of his siblings asked to come. Their mother stopped them and asked them to stay home. Upon returning from the town, Tanjiro was greeted with a horrific sight. His family was dead and the only living member had been turned into a demon. 

    Why Was The Family Living In Isolation?

    Kamado Tanjuro
    Kamado Tanjuro

    The Kamado family are descendants of Sumiyoshi. Sumiyoshi was a dear friend of Yoriichi Tsugikuni, the creator of the sun breathing technique. Yoriichi used to practice the moves of the breathing style in front of Sumiyoshi. After seeing the moves in repetition, he started learning those moves. 

    He passed these very moves in his bloodline. However, instead of passing them as a combative breathing style, he passed them down as a prayer dance. This dance came to be known as the Hinokami Kagura. The Kamado family lived in isolation in a forest to protect themselves and this technique. No one knew about the technique they had learned, not even the Hashira. It was crucial to protect this form because it was pivotal in the battle against Muzan. 

    Even the Kamado family themselves were unaware that they had such great power in their hands. Tanjuro Kamado was aware of some things, but even he didn’t know the full extent of the secret of the Hinokami Kagura. The Kamado family lived in the same house where Yoriichi used to live. Therefore the family lived in isolation to protect a secret that they didn’t know the full extent of. 

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    Riya Dubey
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