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    ‘Dragon Ball’: Who Will Be The Next God Of Destruction If Beerus Retire?

    Dragon Ball‘ is known for introducing strong and unique characters in the entire series. All the characters play a very important role in the series, whether they are the main characters, leads, or even extras. The roles they play are very important to the plot. One such role is the role of the god of destruction for different universes.

    The most loved god of destruction is Beerus. He is also the god who gets the most amount of screen time. Fans are curious as to who will be the god of destruction for universe 7 after Beerus retires. Read to find out.

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    What Is A God Of Destruction?

    Beerus, god of destruction of universe 7
    Beerus, god of destruction of universe 7

    A god of destruction as the name suggests is a creature that focuses solely on destruction in ‘Dragon Ball‘. There are twelve universes, each with its gods and their accompanying angels. All the gods of destruction are of different species except Champa and Beerus who are twins.

    A god of destruction, unlike an angel, is capable of dying. A strong fighter can kill a god of destruction. In such a scenario, the angel of the said universe looks for a replacement for this position. There are no requirements to become a god, therefore even a human can become the god of destruction as long as he is deemed capable.

    Who Will Be The Next God Of Destruction?

    Broly, Goku, Vegeta and Frieza
    Broly, Goku, Vegeta and Frieza

    For now, it seems unlikely that Beerus will retire as the god of destruction for universe 7 any time soon. But in a hypothetical situation, if Beerus does retire, who will be the next god of destruction?

    There is no one character selected to be the god of destruction upon Beerus’s retirement. However, certain potential characters are in the running for the position.

    Whis once asked both Goku and Vegeta if they wished to become the god of destruction instead of Beerus. The position offers a lot of power to the holder, but both of them opted to stay as Saiyans and grow on their own.

    Frieza was Beerus’s first choice for his successor before he had a dream about the Super Saiyan God and looked for Goku and Vegeta. However, the most likely and probable successor for Beerus is Broly. Broly has the perfect personality and tendencies required to become a god of destruction. There is a big possibility that after Beerus retires, Broly might become the next god of destruction in universe 7.

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