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    ‘Haikyuu!!’: Is Sawamura Daichi Dead?

    Haikyuu!!‘ is a sports anime written by Haruichi Furudate. The first chapter was released in 2012 and the last chapter of the manga was written in 2020. The anime adaptation aired in 2014 with the subsequent season. There are currently fours season in the anime and fans hope to see more seasons.

    The plot of the anime is as follows. A young boy named Hinata wants to become a volleyball player despite him not being very tall. In hopes of playing volleyball, he joins Karasuno high, which was the high school his idol, went to. From there his adventures with the team begin. There he finds many new friends and rivals.

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    Who Is Sawamura Daichi?

    Sawamura Daichi
    Sawamura Daichi

    At Karasuno High, Sawamura Daichi was a third-year student. He served as the team’s captain and was a starting wing spiker. He was one of the captains who had to serve as the team’s coach when the original coach, Ikkei Ukai, was in the hospital.

    He is presently a member of the Community Safety Division of the Miyagi Prefectural Police as of 2018. Daichi is exceptionally mature and autonomous, in addition to his qualities as a captain and team player. Daichi automatically became a leader among him, Asahi, and Sugawara in his first year at Karasuno. In addition to these qualities, Daichi is very caring and kind.

    He puts his teammates above him and always worries about them. He Is a sweet and wonderful captain who rarely gets angry. As rare as his anger is, he is terrifying when he gets angry. Everyone on the team is scared of his anger.

    Daichi is also a key player in Karasuno. He is the core player for Karasuno’s defense. Whilst his attacks or defense may not be flashy, they’re crucial for the team to win.

    Does Daichi Die In ‘Haikyuu!!’?

    Daichi collapsed after the collision
    Daichi collapsed after the collision

    Simply put, Daichi doesn’t die in the anime. ‘Haikyuu!!‘ is a light-hearted sports anime and death isn’t a part of this anime Daichi being dead is a joke in the Haikyuu!! Fandom has been ongoing since the second season was released.

    During the spring high tournament, Karasuno fought against Wakutani Minami High. Coach Ukai believed that the team would cause problems for Karasuno due to their captain. The captain of Wakutani Minami High was just as tenacious and motivating as Daichi and thus their team did not crumble.

    Ukai’s fear came true later in the match. When Daichi was trying to receive a spike from Wakutani Minami High, he collided with his fellow teammate, Tanaka Ryuunosuke.

    He collapses due to collision and there is a shot of him just lying there on the ground with the rest of Karasuno surrounding him. He had to sub out for the rest of the match. This caused some problems for Karasuno and Daichi’s importance became painstakingly precise at that moment.

    Due to that particular episode, the memes of Daichi being dead started and it soon became an inside joke of the Haikyuu!! Fandom.

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