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    ‘One Piece’: What was the gruesome truth of the Sabaody Archipelago? Why do the Marines protect the Celestial Dragons so desperately?

    One Piece‘ has time and again proven its magical abilities to create absolutely stunning worlds in each major arc. One of the being the Sabaody Island. Starting from the construction of the island to the logic, and even the surrounding bubbles, it’s an amazing place overall. It’s also the last stop that pirates have to take before entering New World.

    Luffy and his crew briefly stop by only to realize that they’ll get out of it finally in 2-years. Nonetheless, it’s fun to see Luffy’s hand goofily around the island. Who knew that such a beautiful place will harbor one of the most heinous secrets? Luffy and his crew take a plunge into the darkness where they learn about the history of the place.

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    What Was The Gruesome Truth Of The Sabaody Archipelago?

    One Piece: Sabaody Archipelago
    One Piece: Sabaody Archipelago

    Oda in this arc portrays one of humanity’s darkest secrets. It’s one of the most crucial arcs in ‘One Piece,’ as the story starts building up thereafter. Just like the Fishmen hated humans and ruled over them in Nami’s hometown, Sabaody is just the opposite.

    In Sabaody fishermen and merfolk were treated as germs and untouchable. They are pets for them or beings carrying infectious diseases. Things don’t stop there. The worst part of the island was the slave system. Be they humans, giants, or merfolk, they use to kidnap and sell them at auction houses as slaves.

    Once a person enters the auction house it’ll be impossible for them to escape. They have forcibly worn a collar that includes a time bomb. If they try to run away from the place or their ‘master,’ the collar would explode, killing the individual. One of Luffy’s friends gets kidnaped and sold in the auction house. From hereon, the Straw Hats get entangled in the island’s business.

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    Why Do The Marines Protect The Celestial Dragons So Desperately?

    One Piece: Celestial Dragons
    One Piece: Celestial Dragons

    The Celestial Dragons or the World Nobles are descendants of the 19 Noble families who built the World Government system. Since they are part of the founders, they are treated as some sort of god in the One Piece series. Nevertheless, the pirates couldn’t care more about them.

    Just as Luffy showed in Sabaody, the Celestial Dragons are only talks. They cannot do anything, they don’t even have the power to fight for themselves. Thankfully Luffy punched the World Noble at that time otherwise the majority of us would have transported into their world via ‘truck kun’ and murdered them.

    Marines believe they are the noblest and of the highest importance in their world, even more, important than common people. The people who they should protect are neglected. The Marines even pretend not to see any wrongdoings in front of them if they are part of the 19 families. It’s a totally twisted story.

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