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    ‘Star Wars’ Visions Volume 2: Release Date, Plot, Cast, New Characters And More

    ‘Star Wars’ originally started with three movies that quickly became something more. A director’s vision broadened to the extent that ‘Star Wars’ is one of the most popular franchises of all time, if not the most. The franchise has its grip over almost everything, ranging from theme parks to toys to even conventions. 

    The franchise recently got into animation as well with the release of ‘Star Wars Visions’. The second season of the animation is set to release in 2023. Here is everything to know about the new series. 

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    Release Date And Plot 

    Scene from the official trailer
    Scene from the official trailer

    The ‘Star Wars Visions’ was a collection of various episodes or anecdotes from the ‘Star Wars’ universe. The series will release on May 4th, commonly known as the ‘Star Wars’ day. It is not clear whether all the episodes will drop at the same time, or if will it be a weekly release.

    The first season was limited to Japan and only Japanese animators partook in the creation of the series. The second season has diversified itself further. The second season will have nine episodes. The series is an anthology series that entails that there will be separate stories in each episode. Whilst the first season focused on anime, the second season is diversified and includes animation from all over the world. 

    The plot is also going to be unique to the country of animation as well to some extent. For instance, in the episode The Bandits Of Golak. A brother flees with his force-sensitive younger sister and takes refuge in a Dhaba. 

    Cast And Animation Studio

    James Waugh
    James Waugh

    The SVP of Lucasfilm, James Waugh, has mentioned that whilst the first season was all anime, the second season focuses on different animation styles from all over the world. There will be a total of nine episodes in the second season and each country will take up a different episode. The nine countries taking part in the project are Japan, the UK, South Africa, Chile, India, Spain, Ireland, France, and South Korea. The episodes each country releases will have a slightly different animation style. 

    The cast of the franchise is also diverse with actors from around the world. Each country will release the series in English. Waugh mentioned that it was always his dream to diversify the series and to include animations from all across the globe. He believes that there is amazing work in the field of animation in many countries and he wanted to showcase that. The cast for episodes will vary just as the plot will according to the animators. The series will premiere on Disney+ on May 4. This is all there is to know about the franchise as of now. 

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