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    Top 10 Most Heartbreaking Anime

    It seems like a lot of animes are made purposely to make viewers cry. Anime offers endless ways to break hearts and make viewers cry, from heartfelt dramas about young love, unrequited feelings, and relationship conflict to the more serious stories that handle topics like death, war, and illness. 

    There are many excellent anime series that deal with really sad and upsetting topics.  Hence, here are our Top 10 most heartbreaking anime. 

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    10. Banana Fish 

    Banana Fish

    There is several anime with insightful social commentary, but none of them are as willing to address difficult subjects as “Banana Fish”. In this anime, we watch as Eiji and Ash develop a romantic relationship. This anime has gained accolades for portraying their love in a realistic manner. 

    Everyone who watches “Banana Fish” is going to be affected by it because it is so heartbreaking. Eiji is a photojournalist, and Ash is a gang leader. Unfortunately, since they are unable to be together, their relationship is doomed to failure. Eiji needs to leave New York, but when Ash tries to see him off, he gets stabbed. 

    9. Violet Evergarden 

    Violet Evergarden

    There are some scenes in the insightful and touching “Violet Evergarden” that is undoubtedly heartbreaking anime. The majority of individuals mention this anime as being among the few that left them in pieces by the conclusion. 

    The primary character, Violet Evergarden, was raised particularly to be a weapon against foes. She had to find a new direction for her life, though, as the war came to an end. She started working as an Auto Memory Doll once she healed from her injuries, helping others put their ideas into words on paper. 

    8. Erased 


    A murder mystery and a tearjerker that succeeds in creating both to be so entertaining, “Erased”. Satoru Fujinuma is hiding something. He possesses a special ability that enables him to go back in time to specific occasions, but only when those times are crucial for life or death. 

    When Satoru experiences a severe personal tragedy, his powers go into overdrive and transport him back in time to his early years, where he must halt a horrendous series of atrocities that completely changed the course of his life. As this twisting time travel mystery unfolds before us, grief, love, loss, and friendship are all relevant. 

    7. 5 Centimeters Per Second (Movie) 

    5 centimeters per second

    The movie is about growing up and growing apart and centers on two close friends who are ripped apart by life. The characters try to stay in contact, but as they move through life, they keep growing away. Nevertheless, their memories of one another endure, and despite their increasing apart, they continue to hope to cross paths again. 

    The movie offers a realistic depiction of life’s course and how occasionally people tend to gradually drift apart. The phrase “speed of falling cherry blossoms” is used in the title. 

    6. Your Lie in April 

    Your lie in April

    Manga and anime stories about coming of age that deal with the reality of growing up are far more prevalent, and “Your Lie in April” is a fantastic example. After one of the pals experiences a nervous breakdown, the other friends must navigate growing up and all its challenges. 

    This slice-of-life anime series provides plenty of opportunity for sobbing, especially when you come to care about the characters and their ascent to young adulthood. This is the kind of show we wish we had when we were teenagers—moving and real. 

    5. A Silent Voice (Movie) 

    Silent Voice

    “A Silent Voice” is arguably the most emotionally charged anime of the present. This moving story explores bullying, suicidal thoughts, and making amends through the eyes of children growing up and entering adulthood. 

    Shoya, a young Deaf girl, is promptly singled out for bullying when she enrolls in Shoko’s sixth-grade class. However, things change when Shoya is transferred, his treatment of her is made public, and he is shunned by everyone. Years later, the two run into each other once again as Shoko strives to atone for his violent past. 

    4. Anohana 


    This anime follows the tale of old friends who are now teenagers and are having to deal with the death of their childhood companion Menma. The friends have become estranged five years after Menma’s passing, but the ghost of their long-lost comrade just might be enough to reunite them. 

    Menma and her friends reconcile so she may fulfill her request and go on, and it also gives her friends the closure they require to move on without her. Viewers can observe how Menma’s death impacts each of her friends as they come to grips with their own incapacity to deal with and get over their feelings of guilt throughout the course of the narrative. No one should miss out on the dramatic, tear-inducing experience that is Anohana. 

    3. Clannad Series 


    The top 3 of our heartbreaking anime list, is Clannad. The 24-episode “Clannad: After Story” anime is the sequel to the significantly sadder “Clannad”. The second part is a far more serious and profound look at the problems of adulthood with a focus on the significance of family, whereas the first part deals with typical high school drama, largely involving friendships and love relationships. 

    “Clannad” is one of the few animes that lets viewers follow the lives of the characters throughout, as opposed to having them graduate from high school or tie the knot. “Clannad” doesn’t mince words. It will leave viewers heartbroken and in a pool of tears. 

    2. Angel Beats! 

    Angel Beats

    An anime that will definitely make you feel complete, “Angel Beats!” which is actually rather humorous—up until it isn’t, and viewers stop knowing what laughter is. Otonashi disputes the rightness of the battlefront’s tactics as it plans and carries out several missions against Angel. 

    After the true nature of the afterlife school is exposed, Otonashi and Angel start working to understand the significance of this limbo, which enables those who have endured trauma and adversity in life to move on. It’s a really heartbreaking anime to watch the story of these folks develop as they struggle to let go of their ties to their former life. 

    1. Grave Of The Fireflies (Movie) 

    Grave Of The Fireflies

    The most heartbreaking anime movie ever made may be “Grave of the Fireflies”. Isao Takahata’s 1988 masterpiece provides a compelling analysis of the horrors of war through the eyes of two siblings who were residing in Japan during World War II. Sincere and caring Seita does his best to take care of Setsuko, his younger sister, as the two attempt to endure the remains of battle without a leader. After a terrible firebombing attack on their village, Seita is left by himself. 

    Love, loss, and tremendous emotional suffering define their journey. Even though many viewers can only endure one viewing owing to how disturbing it is, this is a must-watch movie that is still relevant and realistic in today’s society. 

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