Top 5 Most Powerful Tailed Beasts In ‘Naruto’ 

Tailed Beasts
Tailed Beasts

Due to their immense power and chakra reserves, tailed monsters play a significant role in the Naruto universe. Some characters have had these tail beasts locked inside of them, giving them incredible strength. This is another justification for antagonists to target specific plot-moving characters.


Due to their chakra reserves and the related Kekkei Genkai they employ, some of the tailed beasts in Naruto are stronger than others. In this article is to compile a list of the strongest-tailed animals. 

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5. Kokuo (Five Tails) 

Five Tails

The Five-Tails known as Kokuo lived inside the late Hidden Stone Village Ninja Han. Kokuo chose to live in a forest after the Ninja War ended in order to stay out of any disputes. 

One of the most powerful Tailed Beasts, Kokuo used its horn to ram opponents and numerous jutsu to win the battle. In order to scorch people, it may also raise the temperature of its chakra. Additionally, The Five Tails, Kokuo, has access to the potent Kekkei Genkai known as Boil Release. Fire Release and Water Release are combined by Kokuo to produce this amazing capability. 

4.  Son Goku (Four tails) 

Four Tails

The Four-Tails, also known as Son Goku, is a very potent Tailed Beast. Given that he is an ape and is familiar with Rinnegan’s capabilities, Son Goku holds the opinion that apes are much more intelligent than humans. 


He is incredibly strong, and more importantly, he is capable of using the Lava Release Kekkei Genkai. Its Jinchuriki Roshi earned the title of “Roshi of the Lava Release” thanks to its strength. Of all the Tailed Beasts, Son Goku’s Kekkei Genkai is the strongest, making it particularly unique.

Son Goku, the four-tailed beast, possesses the Lava Release Kekkei Genkai, which gives him incredible strength. He combines Earth Release and Fire Release to produce this power. The Jinchuriki can use a Lava Release Chakra Mode thanks to Son Goku’s incredible Lava Release talent. 

3. Gyuki (Eight Tails) 

Eight Tails

The Eight-Tails, also called Gyuki, is among the toughest Tailed Beasts in the Naruto universe. Gyuki resides in Killer Bee, and the two of them are close. 


Gyuki is incredibly physically powerful, as seen throughout Naruto Shippuden. Multiple Tailed Beasts could be killed at once thanks to its effectiveness. Gyuki can make ink, however, it hardly ever uses this power in combat because it is rarely necessary. It can also conjure a strong Tailed Beast Ball with enough power to swiftly flatten mountains. 

2. Kurama (Nine Tails)  

Nine Tails

Kurama was unquestionably the most powerful of the nine Tailed Beasts. Just to prove how strong it was, during the Fourth Great Ninja War, half of Kurama’s power was sufficient to defeat five Tailed Beasts simultaneously. 

Because it had the most tails, Kurama also thought it was the strongest Tailed Beast. Its full power made it possible for Naruto Uzumaki to defeat Toneri Otsutsuki and other powerful opponents in combat. 


1. Ten Tails  

Ten Tails

The Fourth Great Ninja War saw the appearance of Ten Tails, who wreaked havoc on the battlefield. The combined might of the other nine Tailed Beasts is utterly dwarfed by that of the Ten-Tails. 

Ten Tails is said to be capable of swallowing mountains and oceans and to be strong enough to destroy an entire planet. There is only one catch: it needs to be encased inside of someone in order to exert its full power. It’s probably for the best since, if it existed, it would be an impossible threat to understand. Being the most potent of the Tailed Beasts, the Ten-Tails also has the most powerful Kekkei Genkai in Wood Release. The Ten-Tails may create this amazing power by fusing Earth Release and Water Release. 

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