Naruto: Top 5 Members Of The Akatsuki Ranked


One of the most enduring villainous groups in the ‘Naruto’ franchise is the mysterious Akatsuki organization. The organization was formed of ninjas who abandoned their homelands. The motivations of this group change as the story progresses, but they are almost always working counter to the goals of the anime heroes.


It was formed Formally as a means to stop warring nations from decimating smaller communities. The Akatsuki became an antagonist force after its leader grew to believe that the only way to stop this destruction is by ruling over humanity. Even with its relatively small numbers, the Akatsuki is one of the strongest groups in all of ‘Naruto‘. Know the top 5 members of the Akatsuki.

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Top 5 Members Of The Akatsuki

1) Madara Uchiha

Madara Uchiha

Madara Uchiha, is the man who laid the groundwork for the Akatsuki and manipulated the organization from behind the curtain. He grew to possess all of Obito’s powers, but to a much higher degree. Madara could combine the Sharingan and Rinnegan to form the Rinne Sharingan and was able to defeat the entire Allied Shinobi Forces, as well as the efforts of Naruto and Sasuke working together to defeat him. He’s one of the deadliest villains in the ‘Naruto‘ franchise. His only mistake was allowing Black Zetsu to influence his decisions. Undoubtedly, Madara is the strongest Akatsuki member and the most powerful character in Naruto in a one-on-one fight.


2) Obito Uchiha

Obito Uchiha

Obito Uchiha, or Tobi hid his identity from the other members of the Akatsuki organization. He possessed the Sharingan, the Rinnegan, and the power of the Ten-Tails. This gives him a myriad of abilities including intangibility, mastery over the six elements of chakra, access to all of Nagato’s abilities, and the ability to destroy nearly anything with the Truth-Seeking Balls technique. While he only possesses this form for a short time, it takes the entirety of the Allied Shinobi Forces to stop him in this state. He was nearly invincible and if not for the efforts of a thousands-strong army and the scheming of Madara, he would have been unstoppable.

3) Pain


Blessed with the legendary Rinnegan that Madara spent decades creating, Nagato took on the name Pain when he turned the Akatsuki into a villainous organization. With the goal of ruling over mankind as a means to be the focus of the world’s hatred, he used his Rinnegan to control six corpses that each had unique abilities. On top of mastering each elemental transformation, Nagato could also destroy entire cities instantly by creating a massive force. He possessed the might of an entire army and was only stopped by Naruto’s use of Sage Mode and the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox’s chakra. Nagato was able to command the strongest iteration of the Akatsuki because he was stronger than most of his comrades.

4) Itachi Uchiha

Itachi Uchiha

Itachi Uchiha is perhaps the most skilled ninjutsu and genjutsu user in the entirety of ‘Naruto‘. He secretly spied on the Akatsuki while acting as a member of the organization. He’s a master of the Sharingan’s most advanced techniques, including the inextinguishable flames of Amaterasu, the illusions of Tsukuyomi, and the battling avatar Susanoo. If not for his chronic illness, Itachi likely would have been the strongest living ninja during his time. Few opponents can hope to match Itachi’s genius-level intellect and his talent. Only those with even greater natural gifts or decades of training can hope to match Itachi’s devastating and multifaceted Sharingan abilities. His arc is one of the most interesting in the series, and his loss is deeply felt in the ‘Naruto‘ universe.


5) Orochimaru


Orochimaru is both one of the most self-interested characters and one of the strongest in the ‘Naruto’ universe. One of the legendary Sannin and a member of the Akatsuki when it suited his interests, Orochimaru has fought some of the strongest characters in the series and lived to learn from those battles. His body is heavily modified and he is now in the possession of countless unique abilities after absorbing others’ bodies into his own. He possesses more knowledge of ninjutsu than any other character in the series and is implied to have more techniques in his repertoire than is humanly possible. Only someone with an inhuman level of power is able to come close to matching Orochimaru when he’s at his peak condition and motivated enough to put his all into a fight.

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