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    Tupac Shakur’s Estate Threatens Drake With Legal Action After He Used His AI-Generated Vocals In Diss Track 

    The simmering feud between rappers Drake and Kendrick Lamar just got a whole lot more complex. After a long time, the rap industry has gone back to the old days with almost every major rapper dipping their toes in the controversy.

    However, the only difference is that the majority of rappers are against Drake making it a ‘Drake against the world’ kind of situation. All of this started with Kendrick Lamar’s diss towards him. So, to defend himself he released diss tracks. However, one of them landed him in even more trouble after he used AI-generated Tupac Shakur in his second Diss titled ‘Taylor Made Freestyle’.

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    Tupac’s Estate Calls Drake’s Move Highly Disrespect Towards The Late Rappers’ Memory

    Tupac Shakur (Left) and Drake (Right)
    Tupac Shakur (Left) and Drake (Right)

    While the diss was meant to target Lamar, it backfired immediately as Drake’s usage of AI Tupac Shakur has people buzzing. Some are enraged whereas, others find it hilarious. However, the estate is deeply unhappy with Drake’s tactics.

    The representative of the estate Howard King expressed strong disapproval, calling it a “flagrant violation” of Tupac’s publicity rights and legal rights. He emphasized that the unauthorized use not only undermines intellectual property rights but also tarnishes the legacy of a cultural icon.  

    King went a step further suggesting the track was disrespectful to Tupac’s memory. “The Estate would never have given its approval for this use,” King stated firmly. Beyond the emotional response, the letter raises significant legal questions. Additionally, Copyright infringement is a key concern. The estate suggests potential copyright issues with the technology itself.  

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    Drake Vs Kendrick Lamar 

    Drake (Left) Kendrick Lamar (right)
    Drake and Kendrick Lamar

    While Kendrick’s verse on ‘Like That’ started the beef with Lamar dissing both Drake and J Cole, Drake is also not holding back. Before ‘Taylor Made Freestyle‘ the Canadian rappers dissed Kendrick after releasing a diss titled ‘Push-ups’.

    What started with Kendrick ended with a lot of rappers speaking against Drake including Kanye West, Rick Ross, and more. However, Drake’s focus still seems to remain on Lamar. As with his ‘TaylorMade Freestyle‘ he let it all out. 

    He used AI Tupac and AI Snoop Dogg to belittle Lamar. Both Tupac and Snoop Dogg were begging Lamar to respond to ‘Push-ups‘. On a side note, Drake even mentions Taylor Swift and calls her ‘the biggest gangster’ further claiming that she was better than Lamar and the whole of PGlang.

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