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    “I Can’t Even Think Of A Drake Line”: Kanye West Joins In On The Diss Drake Bandwagon With A Remix Of ‘Like That’

    Kanye West, a name synonymous with both musical genius and endless controversy, has left an indelible mark on the cultural landscape through his music, fashion ventures, and perhaps most notably, by stirring up drama. From interrupting award shows to engaging in public feuds with fellow celebrities, Kanye’s history of dissing is as fascinating as it is headline-grabbing.

    Moreover, his ongoing beef with Drake for almost a decade never seems to end. Despite the two reconciling on occasion, the truce doesn’t last. With a lot of rappers teaming up against the Canadian rapper in the past few days, Kanye has seemingly gotten even more validation for his feud with Drake. In his recent remixed rap, Kanye has stirred the pot yet again.

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    “I Can’t Even Think Of A Drake Line”: Kanye West Disses Drake Once Again

    Drake, J cole, and Kanye West
    (Left to Right) Drake, J cole, and Kanye West

    Ever since Kendrick Lamar’s Diss about Drake and J. Cole, the hate towards the Canadian rapper has grown exponentially among the rapper community. Future and Metro Boomin’s song ‘Like That’ featuring Kendrick Lamar has stirred up even more drama, and adding fuel to the fire is Kanye West.

    Kanye teamed up with Kendrick despite previously claiming he “washed” Drake, Future, and Metro and remixed ‘Like That’. The song throws jabs at both Drake and J. Cole. While there was nothing new about Kanye dissing Drake, his dissing Cole was a surprise.

    I can’t even think of a Drake line,” Kanye said in his remix which premiered on The Download. He mocked Drake’s lyrical abilities and trolled J Cole as well. “Play J. Cole, get the p**sy dry,” he rapped in the song. Both Cole and Drake are yet to respond to Ye’s short but hurtful disses.

    Future and Metro Boomin’s song ‘Like That’ had already stirred up a lot of drama even before West joined in. With K dot dismissing being a part of the Big 3, to Cole dissing him back and calling his previous few albums “tragic“, the beef keeps on being entertaining for the fans.

    However, while J Cole became the better man and apologized to Lamar it wasn’t the same for Drake.

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    The History Of Kanye West And Drake’s Beef

    Kanye West and Drake
    Kanye West (Left) and Drake (Right)

    The history between Drake and Kanye West reads like a Shakespearean drama set against the backdrop of the music industry’s glitz and glamor. What began as a mutual admiration between two powerhouse artists soon soured into a tale of betrayal and envy.

    Ye’s association with Drake’s long-time arch-nemesis Pusha T was also a catalyst to their beef. Kanye’s ‘Lift Yourself’ was the first diss against Drake mocking him. Despite the two reconciling at the ‘Free Larry Hoover’ concert, things seem to have fallen off again. Moreover, Kanye’s problematic self seems to have trouble maintaining relationships. 

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