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    Watch: When Rapper Azealia Banks Killed Live Chickens In Her Closet As Part Of A Witchcraft Ritual

    Hollywood is no stranger to eccentricity with many celebrities having some questionable beliefs and traditions. While some believe in certain superstitions because of their family traditions or ethnicities, some others adopt certain lifestyle choices that people might find unconventional. One such rather baffling example came forward back in 2016 when rapper Azealia Banks stirred up controversy with an Instagram video wherein she was cleaning an eerie closet where she performed sacrificial rituals.

    Noting that it is her festive tradition to practice ritualistic blood magic, the rapper set the internet abuzz and divided over her antic. Though the rapper has a way of making it to the headlines for her unconventional choices and provocative actions, this particular video had taken the internet by storm. Here’s what happened.

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    Azealia Banks’s Witchcraft Practices Involving Chicken Sacrifice Raises Eyebrows

    Azealia Banks
    Azealia Banks

    Azealia Banks posted a video back in 2016, wherein she revealed that she has been performing the tradition of Brujeria, a form of witchcraft, for the past 3 years. The tradition involved the sacrifice of live chickens in her closet.

    In a graphic Instagram video, Banks was seemingly doing some home remedy wielding a sandblaster, trying to clean all the blood-stained walls and the heap of wings left behind by the chicken massacre. While she may have brought her practices to light on social media, the broader occult community performs the rituals discreetly, with fear that they would be condemned for the Salem witch trials.

    The Covenant of the Goddess website claims there are an “estimated 200,000 Witches and/or Neo-Pagans in the US alone” and that there may be “many more, who are simply more private about their religion, for the very real fear of persecution. Witches are still working hard for our First Amendment rights.”

    After the video created a buzz online, organizations like PETA and many social media users disapproved of the practice. However, some users pointed out the hypocrisy of people condemning her actions while they themselves consume poultry during holiday feasts.

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    Internet Abuzz With Surprise And Questions After Azealia Banks’s Purported Ritual

    Azealia Banks
    Azealia Banks

    The ritual performed by Azealia Banks was a part of the Neo-pagan practices like Brujeria that often evoke skepticism and unease. Some of the rituals also involve items like effigy dolls and human remains. Some less grisly spells include the egg ritual, which is believed to dispel negative energy. Reports suggested that Banks often performed the egg ritual, with a fair possibility that she still does.

    Social media was also abuzz with questions about the place where Banks performs her rituals and what happens to the chickens after they are sacrificed. Is she renting her space, and if so, how will her landlord react? Are the chickens repurposed for animal consumption after getting sacrificed for the ritual, or do they meet a more mysterious end? None of these questions were ever addressed by the rapper.

    Meanwhile, her career as an artist was flourishing. The rapper first rose to fame with her hit song ‘212‘ in 2011, and she has since then solidified her place in the music industry.

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