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    Are Prince William And Tom Cruise Practising Scientology On Kate Middleton? Internet Has A Wild Theory About Her Disappearance

    The royal family makes it to the headlines for one reason or the other every now and then. Most recently, two royal family members faced a health scare back to back. While King Charles initially underwent surgery for an enlarged prostate followed by a Cancer diagnosis, Princess Kate Middleton also underwent abdominal surgery.

    It took no time for the media to get an air of the fateful news, and speculations grew among fans. While King Charles kept quite an open approach to addressing his health concerns publicly, Kate Middleton remained private about hers. Though royal officials have time and again confirmed that both royals are recovering well, Kate Middleton is nowhere to be seen — which has the internet full of some wild theories about her disappearance.

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    Kate Middleton Is Nowhere To Be Seen Despite Reports Of Her Recovery After Health Scare

    Prince William and Tom Cruise (Credit: Getty)
    Prince William and Tom Cruise (Credit: Getty)

    King Charles and Kate Middleton have had the clouds of a health scare hovering over them for a while now. After both of them faced health issues last month, King Charles was quick to address the masses’ concerns as he initially announced his diagnosis of an enlarged prostate to spread awareness, and later had Buckingham Place issue a statement about his cancer diagnosis. But Kate Middleton has been suspiciously secretive about her illness.

    Reports suggested that even Kate Middleton’s closest friends and people working under her had no idea about her surgery until the day she went for it. Not many details of her illness are available in the public domain — except that it was an abdominal surgery that she had.

    Her husband Prince William was seen making rounds of the hospital while she was there, and also attending some events alone as she is now recuperating. Kate Middleton’s royal officials have reportedly confirmed that she is recovering well and has already started working from her bed.

    While King Charles recently returned to his duties after a cancer diagnosis and met with British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, Kate Middleton has not made any public appearance, nor are there any details about her recuperation progress.

    Besides, Prince William dropped out of a ceremony to honor his godfather King Constantine of Greece due to a “personal matter”, according to Kensington Palace’s announcement. The internet soon went abuzz with the possible reasons that the prince missed such an important event, while some others pointed out how he had the time to attend another event with Tom Cruise a few days back.

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    “The Cult Is Real”: Social Media Users Suggest Tom Cruise And Prince William’s Scientology Treatment On Kate Middleton

    Kate Middleton, Tom Cruise and Prince William (Credit: Getty)
    Kate Middleton, Tom Cruise and Prince William (Credit: Getty)

    As Tom Cruise entered the narrative, social media users came up with wild theories suggesting his involvement in Kate Middleton’s disappearance. One user suggested that Kate Middleton might be a victim of Scientology being performed by her husband and Tom Cruise, who has been a vocal advocate for Scientology Church.

    Is prince William practicing scientology with his mate Tom Cruise? The cult is real, if so don’t expect to see Kate Middleton return,” the social media user wrote, referring to the method that involves “applied religious philosophy“.

    Another user linked the matter to a recent news wherein ‘Mission Impossible‘ actress Rebecca Ferguson revealed that one of her co-stars screamed at her on film sets. “What if Kate Middleton was the one who yelled at Rebecca Ferguson and Tom Cruise took matters into his own hands,” the user wrote on X.

    You know how Willy has been spending time with Tom Cruise? Maybe they gave Kate the Scientology “Shelly Miscavige” treatment,” another one suggested. Many others chimed in with photos and comments that further validated the theory.

    A fourth one emphasized on the lack of any credible reports about Kate Middleton’s well being. “How many times have we heard that Kate is recovering very well, let me help you, we have been hearing it constantly since she allegedly the hospital when Charles did.  If true, why can’t William attend the memorial. He attended that event with Tom Cruise and had a good time,” the user wrote.

    Prince William was last seen with Tom Cruise during a high-profile gala honoring the London Air Ambulance Charity.

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