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    Coma, Stroke And Mental Breakdown: Kate Middleton’s Disappearance From Public Domain Sparks Conspiracy Theories

    Unsurprisingly, the Princess of Wales Kate Middleton finds herself in the spotlight even while being absent from it due to pressing health issues. A month of no Royal pictures and now the conspiracy theorists are sending Kate into Coma.  

    As Kensington Palace announced back in January that the princess is taking a break from her royal duties for a while, the media can’t seem to catch one. The lack of pictures of the Royal member lately has raised speculations that are slowly gaining reactions on the internet. 

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    Conspiracy Theories In Full Swing

    Kate Middleton (Image: Getty)
    Kate Middleton (Image: Getty)

    Since the Princess of Wales remained in the hospital for an extended two-week period post-surgery, tongues started wagging, and the rumor mill kicked into high gear. Kensington Palace’s announcement that she would be absent from Royal duties until after Easter 2024, only added fuel to the fire. Now that it has been longer than two weeks since the surgery, it’s safe to say the princess should not be in the hospital yet the lack of pictures of her leaving the London Clinic raises concerns. 

    According to a Spanish journalist Concha Calleja Middleton’s condition could be more critical than publicly acknowledged. Calleja claimed on her TV show that she had insider information indicating that Kate was in grave danger. Her reports suggested that the Royal Princess is currently in a medically induced coma due to her post-surgery complications.

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    No Updates From Kensington Palace On Kate Middleton’s Health Fueling The Rumor Mill

    Prince William and Kate Middleton
    Prince William and Kate Middleton

    Kensington Palace tried its best to deny the rumors by calling them “ludicrous” and emphasizing that the Princess is, “making good progress.” But Kate’s lack of public appearances has only intensified the speculation. The conspiracy theories got a little more sturdy when Prince William‘s reason for canceling some significant appearances cited, “personal matter.” 

    This lack of information on Kate Middleton’s condition has turned social media into a discussion desk. A post on X questioned the unusual discretion and the Princess’s prolonged recovery. The viral post read, “You’re telling me that Kate Middleton—the same woman who posed outside the hospital like a freaking supermodel mere hours after giving birth—suddenly requires months of recovery before showing her face? And the British press now magically respects privacy? This feels…sinister.”

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