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    What Does Plus Ultra Mean In ‘My Hero Academia’?

    ‘My Hero Academia’ has proven multiple times why it is one of the most popular and most-watched new-generation shonen anime. It has multiple aspects that make it popular and interesting to watch, ranging from its action-packed plot to its driven heroes to its amazingly complex villains.

    Another thing that makes it quite interesting and amazing to watch is the subtle sentences and mottos. One of these is Plus Ultra. Fans are curious as to what this means. 

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    What Is Plus Ultra?

    All Might
    All Might

    Plus Ultra is a Spanish phrase that means going above and beyond in its simplest sense. This particular phrase is also the motto of UA High academy.

    This phrase was mostly associated with All Might and was considered his motto as he is the one who uses this phrase the most, but it is much more than that. This particular phrase gives the heroes a motivation to go further behind their limits and defeat the villains.

    The reason why it is mostly associated with All Might is that he is the eighth user of the One For All Quirk and that quirk takes a huge toll on the user’s body. In addition to that, All Might was severely injured in a villain accident a few years before the timeline of the anime began. Despite all of these issues, All Might prevailed and managed to not only become but hold the position of the number 1 hero of Japan for many years.

    Is It Only Used By All Might?

    Endeavour using Plus Ultra
    Endeavour using Plus Ultra

    As mentioned above, whilst it is majorly used by All Might, he is not the only one who uses this phrase. The students of UA academy have used this phrase multiple times to push themselves beyond their limits.

    Not only them, Endeavour, has also used this phrase. Endeavour used to be extremely jealous of All Might and wanted to become the number-one hero for many years. He wanted this to the extent that he gave birth to multiple kids to get them to have both ice and fire abilities. He wanted to train his child to become the perfect hero and defeat All Might.

    Even with all his hatred, and knowing that this phrase was majorly used by All Might and all the people in the anime associated it with him, Endeavour named his attack Plus Ultra prominence burn. In addition to them, many other heroes have used Plus Ultra to give themselves courage. This entails just how important this phrase is to all the heroes in My Hero Academia.

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