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    What Is The Most Expensive Pokemon Card Ever?

    The journey of Ash Ketchum is coming to an end in ‘Pokémon’. However, this does not entail the end of the franchise itself. A new series is about to be released with new protagonists, new regions, and new Pokémon. Whilst the Pokémon, the region, and the protagonist may change, the love the viewers have for the show as well as the game will remain the same. 

    One of the so many things that viewers love about ‘Pokémon’ is its card. A new series entails new cards and new battles. Some cards in Pokémon have been sold for a very high price. Fans are curious as to what is the most expensive ‘Pokémon’ Card. Read to find out. 

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    What Is A Pokémon Card?

    Pokémon card with stats
    Pokémon card with stats

    Essentially, ‘Pokémon’ cards are just cards that a person may collect. These cards contain various Pokémon of various types. However, they can be used to play a game called the trading card game. In this game, two people battle using their cards. A winner is determined based on the Pokémon’s types, their stats, and the boosters a person may hold. After this, the winner generally takes a card from the loser.

    You can buy a theme deck that contains 60 cards, and each deck is different. Every time a new region or a different Pokémon is introduced in the series and in the game, new cards are released. A booster pack with 10 cards is also available. A booster pack containing 10 cards is also available. 

    There are three different types of cards; the first is character cards with various Pokémon. The energy cards can be used to boost a Pokémon’s powers. Then there are the trainer cards, which are used for items in battle.

    What Is The Most Expensive Card?

    Logan Paul with the Pikachu Illustrator
    Logan Paul with the Pikachu Illustrator

    The most expensive card ever sold or purchased is the Pikachu Illustrator PSA 10. It was sold for an astonishingly high price of 5.275 million Dollars. 

    The Youtuber Logan Paul purchased it from a collector in Dubai. He wore it to Wrestle Mania around his neck like a necklace. It was after this that the card’s existence came into the public eye. He bought the card by first trading in his PSA 9 version of the card, which was worth $1.275 million, and then paid the balance of $4 million to obtain the card.

    He secured the card after 5 months of negotiating with its previous owner. This particular purchase has made the Guinness Book of World Records the most expensive purchase of Pokémon cards. This is by far the most expensive card that has ever been brought and it is unlikely that a more expensive purchase will take place. 

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