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    What Is The New Orange Form Of Picollo In ‘Dragon Ball’?

    Dragon Ball‘ has a lot of characters that have the potential to become one of the most powerful anime characters if they are explored properly. Piccolo, the Namek warrior, is one such character. Piccolo was first introduced as a villain, but he became one of the closest allies to Goku as the story progressed.

    Piccolo got his last power up in the form of Namek fusion. Thus, the new power-up he got has many fans excited and intrigued at the prospect of non-Saiyan characters gaining power in the series. This form is called Orange Piccolo. Let’s find out what it is and how strong he is.

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    What Is Orange Piccolo?

    Orange Piccolo
    Orange Piccolo

    Orange Piccolo, in a way quite similar to Super Saiyans. Whilst all the Saiyans are born with the ability to turn into Super Saiyan at any given age, the Nameks can use their full potential only after a certain age.

    Piccolo wanted to become strong and unlock his full potential. He went to the elder to get his potential unlocked but he refused. Piccolo later summoned the Dragon Balls and asked Shenron to unlock his potential.

    Piccolo’s potential gets unlocked and his power skyrockets. After the power-up, Piccolo’s skin turns orange and his eyes turn red. His antennas also point upwards. In addition to that, Piccolo gets a symbol on his back that represents his Namek race and pride. This form greatly increases Piccolo’s power and shows the fans his true potential.

    How Strong Is Orange Piccolo?

    Golden Piccolo V/S Cell Max

    Despite the simplicity of the form’s name and process, it is one of the strongest forms out there. The series has always received criticism as only the Saiyan characters power up in the series. Therefore, it is amazing that a non-Saiyan character is getting stronger. According to Toriyama Sensei, the creator of ‘Dragon Ball‘, Orange Piccolo is at the same power level as Goku and Vegeta.

    This prospect is quite exciting and challenging as the series is known for its Saiyans, majorly Goku and Vegeta. It is quite exciting for the fans to witness a non-Saiyan character become strong. Upon his change, Orange Piccolo was able to fight the gamma Androids and Cell Max. This is what the Orange Piccolo is and how strong he is.

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