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    Who Is Grand Priest In ‘Dragon Ball Super’? How Strong Is He?

    When it comes to introducing powerful and unique characters, ‘Dragon Ball‘ is in a league of its own. From humans to Saiyans to gods of destruction, ‘Dragon Ball‘ has everything. All the characters in the series are very unique and noteworthy whether or not they are conventionally powerful.

    However, owing to its shonen genre, strong characters always get noticed more. One of the strongest characters in the entire multiverse of ‘Dragon Ball‘ is the Grand Priest. Let’s find out who he is and how powerful is he.

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    Who Is The Grand Priest?

    The first angel to exist
    The first angel to exist

    The Grand Priest or the Grand Minister is an angel and he is a personal attendant and sometimes advisor to Zeno and future Zeno, who are the strongest beings in the entire multiverse. Due to his powers, the Grand Priest is the second strongest being in the entire series.

    He is the leader of the 12 angels who are assigned to the gods of destruction. Grand Priest is the first of his kind and as a result, he is the person who enforces the divine decree of Zeno. Due to him being an angel, he is practically immortal and the only situation in which he can be killed is when he disobeys the angel code.

    Appearance wise Grand Priest is smaller as compared to other angels but he is more powerful than them. He has sky-blue skin and white hair which is usually slicked back. He has a halo floating behind his head rather than around his neck which distinguishes him from the other angels.

    Personality wise he is extremely polite and easygoing. He is also very patient as he handles Zeno’s tantrums with ease and calm. Despite his easygoing personality, Grand Priest is very strong. Let’s find out how much.

    How Strong Is He?

    The grand priest or the grand minister
    The grand priest or the grand minister

    As was established above, the angel is very strong. Beerus, the god of destruction of universe 7 commented that the Grand Priest is the strongest entity in the entire multiverse and the only person stronger than him is Zeno.

    Grand Priest’s powers were recognized when it was revealed that he can stop a god of destruction’s attack with a single finger. He can also use divination to find out the happenings of the 12 universes which means nothing is hidden from him.

    Since he is the first of his kind, he has complete control over the execution of the angel law. He can easily kill angels if they disobey the angel code. This is how strong the Grand Priest truly is.

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