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    When Will Season 2 Of ‘Danganronpa’ Anime Come Out?

    ‘Danganronpa’ is one anime that is as famous as it should be. It has an amazing plot, great characters, and wonderful visuals and animations. The anime was adapted from the game by the same title. The plot of the game and anime are the same.

    Sixteen talented students are trapped in an elite academy and one of the students gets killed. The rest of the students have a limited amount of time to figure out clues and find out who the killer is. Then there is a trial in which the rest of the students discuss their findings and in the end, have a vote over who they think the killer is. The person with the most votes gets killed by Monokuma, a bear that is supposedly the principal of their academy.

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    ‘Dangaronpa’: The Game

    Danganronpa The game
    Danganronpa The game

    The anime is very amazing and it has one of the best plots in anime history. The plot twists and the character developments are very natural yet surprising. The anime Danganronpa; the animation is quite loved by the people who have watched the anime or have played the game. The series is both well-received and hated for the same reason; it is quite dark and has some visuals that might trigger people. 

    The game ‘Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair’ is the sequel to the series and whilst it does not follow the same premise exactly, it follows some of the characters from the first game. This game was highly anticipated and people were excited about it and it did not disappoint. 

    The character of Monokuma was the Halloween costume of many people that year due to the release of this game. This game also raised the anticipation of the anime adaption of Danganronpa

    When Is ‘Danganronpa’ 2 Coming Out?

    Danganronpa Hope Arc characters
    Danganronpa Hope Arc characters

    The anime was also well-received. It was rejected at first due to the gruesome visuals but after a few tweaks, it was allowed to air. There is no season 2 of Danganronpa: The animation. But there is no need to feel disappointed as the anime does have related seasons that are considered sequels.

    Danganronpa Despair arc, Danganronpa future arc, and Danganronpa Hope Arc are the total animes of the series and all of these animes are interconnected. The anime is considered pretty dark and the plot is new as few dark high school animes do not feature superpowers. The anime has an amazing plot and great character development and it should be watched by anime watchers who like watching dark animes.

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