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    Who Had The Most Toxic Relationship In ‘Given’? How Did He Break Free?

    It’s really difficult to choose any one pair among two from the anime. Both the leads and the sub-leads give off different vibes. It’ll make you fall in love with them. In no time you’ll find yourself rooting for our main leads, Sato Mafuyu and Ritsuka Uenoyama. They make their way towards each other after colorfully passing their ordeals.

    On the other hand, we have Akihiko Kaji and Haruki Nakayama. They are different from our main school-going couples. They are mature and give off a complicated relationship situation where both of them suffer, and get lost, but manage to find the other in the end. Apart from the sweet romances one pair particularly exuded toxic vibes, let’s known more about them.

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    Who Had The Most Toxic Relationship In Given?

    Given: Ugetsu and Akihiko
    Given: Ugetsu and Akihiko

    Apart from our main and sub-main leads, there were two more pairs who could be talked about. One being Mafuyu and Yuki, and the other pair being Ugetsu and Akihiko. Unlike Yuki and Mafuyu’s relationship, Ugetsu and Akihiko got more screen time. 

    We can also say it’s because of the movie, but we got closure and a happy ending thanks to that. Ugetsu and Akihiko were trapped in a repetitive cycle of toxicity. Ugetsu couldn’t properly break up with Akihiko but used various ways to make Akihiko disgusted with him.

    He even invited other partners to irritate Akihiko so that he brings up the breakup topic. No matter what they went through they always got together in the end. Only after a moment of happiness, their toxic cycle would begun again. The codependency that both had on each other can’t possibly be called love.

    No doubt that both had feelings for one another, but those feelings couldn’t reach anywhere and had no meaning. When Ugetsu started inviting people into his house, Akihiko spent the night with several women. They patched things up only to repeat the same thing over and over again. A relationship would give you freedom and happiness. Unfortunately, both were short on this end.

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    How Did Akihiko Break Free From Ugetsu?

    Given: Ugetsu and Akihiko
    Given: Ugetsu and Akihiko

    Akihiko fell in love with Ugetsu after listening to his music, but it was also Akihiko who started hating music because of Ugetsu. Seeing a genius in front of him reminded Akihiko of his weakness. It reached a point where Akihiko didn’t touch the violin often. As for Ugetsu, Akihiko was both a source of love and a chain.

    He felt he had no freedom with Akihiko around. He knew very well that because of him Akihiko started losing interest in music and he couldn’t let this go. Sadly for them, their attachment to each other was too much. They couldn’t let go of each other even though they knew things were wrong.

    It was Haruki who saved Akihiko from this toxic never ending cycle. He invited Akihiko to his band where the latter started playing the drums. His love for music once again came back to him and so did his courage to break free. Mafuyu’s song also played a crucial role in Ugetsu and Akihiko‘s breaking up.

    His song reassured Ugetsu that even if he is lonely and scared right now, a new path will soon open. He’ll find someone who will give him happiness, someone new, a new beginning. His song and Akihiko’s realization of love for Haruki finally liberated both of them.

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