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    Who Is Dr. William Conrad In ‘Trigun Stampede’?

    Many new animes have been released recently. Each of these anime has something unique that attracts and grabs the attention of the viewers. One such anime is the ‘Trigun Stampede’. The anime is a remake of ‘Trigun’ which was released in 1998. Many episodes of the anime have been released and the fans are in love with some of the characters.

    Fans are also curious about some of the new characters. One character that the fans wish to know about is Dr. William Conrad. Here is who Dr. William is. 

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    What Is ‘Trigun Stampede’?

    Vash the Stampede
    Vash the Stampede

    The story is set on a planet called the No Man’s Land. The survivors of the human race live on that barren planet with a machine called The Plants sustaining them. The Plants are a reactor that make everything on the planet. The anime follows the story of Vash the Stampede. A new reporter called Meryl Stryfe wanted to write an article about the ‘Human Typhoon’. Vash was called that because of the sheer amount and magnitude of destruction surrounding him. 

    Upon finding Vash and talking to him, the reporter realizes that he is very different from the reports and does not like what everyone says. He is very kind and good-natured. Vash hates fighting. Even when the situation calls for it, he does not particularly enjoy fighting. The reporter and Vash set out on a journey to find Vash’s twin brother. The duo is accompanied by Nicholas, an Undertaker. The three of them set out to find Vash’s brother who has turned evil. 

    Who Is Dr. William Conrad?

    Dr. William Conrad
    Dr. William Conrad

    Dr. William Conrad, as his prefix suggests, is a scientist. He is an antagonist and one of the major ones. He works under Knives Millions, Vash’s evil twin brother. Unlike Vash and Knives, William is a human and is currently researching Plants. He wishes to create a world where humanity can live without relying on those reactors. To pursue that goal, William resorted to many inhuman experiments. 

    Knives himself recruited Dr. William Conrad when they were on a vessel. Dr. William used to work for the human side before working for Knives. Knives saw the way the humans treated Plants and he didn’t accept it. He killed almost everyone on the ship and gave a choice to William. He asked William to either die immediately or to spend the rest of his life researching and coming up with a way for humans to live on No Man’s Land, the planet they currently inhabit without the help of Plants. This is who Dr. William is and this is his significance in ‘Trigun Stampede’.

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