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    Mihawk Vs Shanks: ‘One Piece’ Creator, Eiichiro Oda, Might Have Hinted Who Is Stronger

    The universe of One Piece created by Eiichiro Oda has gifted us with many stories of companionship, revelry, battles, adventures, and bounties. One such dynamic pair of frenemies is that of Mihawk and Shanks. The pair just fit each other’s personalities and can often be found clashing blades to duel.

    The rivalry of the duo has seeped into the fandom for years now and fans are always eager to declare their favorite character as the stronger one. The manga creator Eiichiro Oda might have dropped some hints that the fans have recently discovered that might solve the debate.

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    It’s A Height Battle

    Mihawk and Shanks fighting
    Mihawk and Shanks fighting

    It might seem silly but yes our evidence involves heights. Manga creators often include height and other trivial details about the characters in bonus pages to build up characters. Few readers have seen a pattern in it.

    As it is known the antagonist King is 6.13 m tall while his cremate Queen is 6.12 m tall. It has already been proven that the King reigns better than the Queen in the anime as far. They have a considerable difference in their powers and it is quite clear.

    King also happens to be the right-hand man of Kaido which also sets him apart rank-wise. King was so immensely strong that Captain Kaido himself hand-picked himself to join his crew Beast Pirates seeing his abilities.

    Similarly, it was noticed that Shanks and Mihawk have a height difference of 1 centimeter. Shanks’ height is 1.99 m while Mihawk is 1.98 m tall. Coincidence much? Well, till now the two haven’t actually fought seriously in order to actually kill the other so only speculations and wild guesses can be made.

    Eiichiro Oda might also surprise us with a whole new arc declaring Shanks to be stronger after all proving this 1-centimetre gap fan theory right. It is also to take into consideration that Shanks has mastered the Kenbunshoku Haki ability but Mihawk has yet to obtain his Haki. This could also play out in proving that Shanks happens to have an edge over Mihawk.

    Another rival-friends pair has been dragged into this fan theory. Zoro and Sanji happen to be crewmates but that doesn’t dampen their feuds at all. They too are often found creating a ruckus while fighting each other. It just so happens to be that Zoro (1.81 m) and Sanji (1.80m) share the 1-centimetre height gap too.

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    Loop Holes In This Shanks Vs Mihawk Theory

    Chief of The Red Hair Pirates, Shanks
    Chief of The Red Hair Pirates, Shanks

    Mihawk and Shanks both are quite formidable individuals in their own ways and possess a skillset unique to themselves. Dracule Mihawk the Hawk Eyes has already been dubbed as “The World’s Strongest Swordsman” and has high perceptive skills be it during a duel to predict his enemy’s attacks or foresee the events unfolding in the Grand Line.

    The fact in itself that Mihawk has been dubbed as the best swordsman puts this theory of Shanks being the stronger one in danger. It can be argued that Shanks has Haki while the lonesome Swordmaster has yet to achieve it. The two were highly on par when considering overall abilities but Shanks lost one of his arms while trying to save Luffy.

    While Shanks doesn’t mind his loss and even jeers at one point that he could still defeat Mihawk with his lost arm, his powers diminish to a certain extent. This could be used to argue how until Shanks unlocks a new power, Mihawk can be considered the one with more might.

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