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    Who Is The Second Most Powerful Character In The ‘One Punch Man’ Universe After Saitama?

    ‘One Punch Man’ is one of the most popular shonen anime and its new season is going to be released in 2023. This anime is one of the most popular for a plethora of reasons, including but not limited to a strong but relatable main character, an amazing plot, and complex antagonists. 

    Fans are aware that the strongest character in ‘One Punch Man’ is Saitama himself, but many wish to know who the second strongest character in the show is. Read to find out the second strongest character after Saitama in ‘One Punch Man’

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    Who Is Saitama?


    Saitama is the protagonist of ‘One Punch Man’. He is a normal human being with no extraordinary powers or supernatural powers, however, he is the strongest character in the entire anime. He gained his strength with a simple training regimen. Saitama is, as the name suggests, One Punch Man as he can defeat every foe, usually with a single punch.

    There are a handful of characters who have survived Saitama’s punch and even fewer have gotten hit for the second time. This alone is proof of his strength. Saitama can neither fly nor does he have any supernatural abilities. This however is not true for his opponents. His skills, speed, and strength are too much for the opponents to handle and Saitama is able to defeat them easily.

    Who Is The Second Strongest?


    As established above, Saitama is the strongest character in the entire series. He is an amazing character and is extremely relatable. Almost no one can match up to his abilities let alone surpass him, but fans wish if there were to be someone who could fight toe-to-toe, who would it be?

    The second strongest character in ‘One Punch Man’ and the character closest to his strength is Blast. Not much is known about this character apart from the fact that he is amazingly strong. Blast is the number one hero and he not only fought the elder centipede but also dominated him during the fight. 

    Blast’s powers, his whereabouts, and anything else is unknown and perhaps could be revealed later in the manga. However, despite the mystery and the little bit of information on him, Fubuki who is Tsumaki’s younger sister considers blast to be in a league of his own. She believes that he is an S-class hero and can defeat every opponent in the series. The only person stronger than him is Saitama. This is why he is the second strongest character in ‘One Punch Man’ after One Punch Man himself. 

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