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    Who Is Urahara Kisuke In ‘Bleach’?

    Bleach‘ is one of the most well-known anime series ever. Alongside ‘Naruto‘ and ‘One Piece‘, it is recognized as one of the “big three.” Tite Kubo created a manga series with the same name as the shonen anime ‘Bleach‘. The first chapter was released in 2001, and the last chapter was released in 2016 after 15 long years. The manga’s animated adaptation came out in 2004.

    Kisuke Urahara is one of the major characters in the anime. Whilst he may not be one of the main characters, he is very significant to the plot. Kisuke was the one who taught Ichigo how to use his Zanpakuto. Let us find out who exactly is Kisuke Urahara and how strong he is.

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    Who Is Urahara Kisuke?

    Urahara Kisuke in his captain uniform
    Urahara Kisuke in his captain uniform

    His lieutenant was Hiyori Sarugaki. Kisuke Urahara was a former captain of the 12th Division and the founder and first president of the S.R.D.I. He runs a modest convenience shop in the Human World where he resides and sells Shinigami goods. His staff members Tessai Tsukabishi, Jinta Hanakari, and Ururu Tsumugiya support him.

    Kisuke is a tall, lanky man with fair skin, grey eyes, and light hair. He has chin stubble and light-blond untidy hair that hangs between his eyes and frames the corners of his face. He has a samue that is dark green. He covers this with a black haori that has an inverted captain’s haori-like white diamond design along the bottom half.

    He donned the traditional Shinigami garb and had a clean-shaven face in his early days in Soul Society. He typically wore his geta to occasions that were more laid back. After being promoted to the position of captain, he later donned a long-sleeved captain’s haori.

    Personality-wise, Kisuke is a very laid-back, chill, and humble man however he is also a very cunning man. He is astute and is good with science and inventions. He helped in the making of Hogyoku. Despite being carefree and chill, Kisuke Is extremely polite and speaks formally to everyone. According to Yoruichi, Kisuke tends to go overboard with the stuff that excites him. 

    How Strong Is Urahara?

    Urahara Kisuke
    Urahara Kisuke

    Kisuke knows a lot of martial arts and fighting techniques, but his true strength lies in his Zanpakuto. His Zanpakuto, Benihime in its Shikai state is quite versatile. Like Ichigos Zanpakuto Benihime can emit spiritual blasts and the blats can take on many forms. It can be a long blow like Getsuga Tenshou, or the blast can form a circle around an opponent’s attack successfully stopping it. 

    But it’s not Kisuke’s Shikai that is his strongest weapon, it is his Bankai. His Bankai is called Kannonbiraki Benihime Aratame. Urahara’s Bankai appears as a large woman with her black hair braided into a bow on her head, dressed in a revealing red gown. Yoruichi reported that Kisuke created Benihime’s entire emancipation in just three days, despite Urahara himself saying that his Bankai is not suitable for teaching anyone, bestowing powers upon others, or assisting.

    Kannon Biraki Benihime Aratame can restructure and change anything, including living beings, with simply the touch of her palms. By utilizing this ability to restructure regions that are often off-limits to outsiders, he can also open doors for his allies. His Bankai is one of the strongest in Bleach. 

    Urahara Kisuke is one of the strongest characters in Bleach. Even if he weren’t he is still extremely crucial to the plot. Without his assistance, Ichigo would have been able to help Rukia or travel to soul society or Hueco Mundo. 

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