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    ‘Jujutsu Kaisen’: Why Is Sukuna Interested In Megumi?

    Jujutsu Kaisen‘ is an ongoing Manga and anime series. It is written by Gege Akutami. It is one of the best shonen anime to date, it keeps on getting interesting. One thing that makes the plot interesting is Sukuna’s interest in Megumi getting stronger. It isn’t just Sukuna however, Gojo and Toji are also interested in Megumi’s potential.

    Sukuna is supposed to be a heartless monster but it strikes the fans as weird that he is interested in Megumi. They are also curious and perplexed that he is not interested in Gojo who is supposedly the strongest character in the anime. It raises the question of why Sukuna is interested in Megumi. Let’s find out.

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    Sukuna’s Interest In Megumi Explained

    Sukuna and Megumi's fight
    Sukuna and Megumi’s fight

    Sukuna is dubbed the king of curses and the king of poisons so it is a little strange that he has taken an interest in Megumi, the user of the ten shikigami technique. There have been many instances where Sukuna has shown blatant interest in Megumi and actively expressed his desire for Megumi to grow more powerful.

    Sukuna said during his fight with the cursed spirit Jogo that he would kill every human except one if Jogo managed to land a single hit on Sukuna. It was not openly stated, but the one human he was not willing to kill was Megumi.

    Sukuna’s interest in Megumi started as early as chapters 7-8 of the manga where they both fought during the cursed womb arc and Sukuna was intrigued by Megumi’s skills. He also stated that he was wasting his talents.

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    Why Sukuna Wants Megumi To Become Stronger

    Sukuna expresses interest in Megumi
    Sukuna expresses interest in Megumi

    These are all speculations; the truth will come out only when Akutami sensei writes about it. The reason for Sukuna’s interest in Megumi could be because of his cursed technique. He might be trying to use Megumi’s cursed technique to resurrect his original body. That would not be possible until Megumi gets stronger, hence Sukuna’s desire for him to get stronger.

    It was stated by Gojo that Sukuna’s fingers are indestructible. Therefore it is safe to assume that the rest of his body would be indestructible. That raises the question of where his body is. It was mentioned that the sorcerers who killed Sukuna in the golden age could not destroy his remains and his remains were preserved in his grave wax.

    It is known that Sukuna does not want to stay inside Yuji’s body since Yuji can control the transformation and if Yuji were to die, Sukuna’s fingers would be permanently destroyed. This could be the reason why Sukuna is interested in Megumi and why Sukuna wants Megumi to get stronger and his abilities. It could also be something entirely different, it can only be confirmed once Akutami Sensei writes about it.

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