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    Aubrey Plaza Plays Along With The Internet Making Memes Of Her Emmys Red Carpet Look

    The award season is also the season of celebrity fashion wars on the Internet. Sometimes the icons get brutally dragged for their look, sometimes they get crowned. There is another category to put the red carpet looks in, the meme bazaar of the internet. Aubrey Plaza’s Emmy look became the perfect meme material.

    Plaza, the 39-year-old ‘White Lotus‘ nominee, made quite the entrance at the 75th Primetime Emmy Awards. Dressed in a gold Loewe gown adorned with a conspicuous giant ‘Needle’, little did she know, her outfit would become the canvas for internet hilarity.

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    Meme Mayhem: Aubrey Plaza’s Dress Is A ‘Sex And The City’ Post-It Note

    Internet compares Aubrey Plaza's dress to a 'Sex and City' scene
    Internet compares Aubrey Plaza’s dress to a ‘Sex and City’ scene

    As Plaza graced the red carpet this Monday, memes erupted online, playfully poking fun at her distinctive ensemble. One prevailing joke ingeniously likened her look to a post-it note, drawing a clever connection to the infamous breakup scene from HBO’s comedy-drama ‘Sex and the City’.

    The memester had a field day and Plaza did not get red in anger. She gracefully took the joke and joined in on the fun. In the spirit of laughter, Plaza also shared snapshots of the viral ‘Sex and the City‘ meme on her Instagram roundup. Giving in to the internet’s creativity.

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    Aubrey Plaza Joins The Meme Parade

    Aubrey Plaza sharing her Emmy dress memes on Instagram
    Aubrey Plaza sharing her Emmy dress memes on Instagram

    The fun didn’t stop on Instagram. Plaza extended the laughter to her Stories, sharing additional hilarious takes on her dress. From practical reminders like “Don’t forget to change your air filter” on the square bodice to whimsical musings like “Is it spring yet?” Plaza showcased her humor, proving she can roll with the meme-filled punches. 

    Aubrey Plaza sharing her Emmy dress memes on Instagram
    Aubrey Plaza sharing her Emmy dress memes on Instagram

    Before Plaza’s dress became the internet sensation, she stood shoulder to shoulder with her ‘White Lotus‘ co-stars at the 2024 Primetime Emmy Awards. Despite losing the Outstanding Supporting Actress award to co-star Jennifer Coolidge, the actress expressed her love for her role. The character Harper Spiller held personal significance to her.

    Aubery told Vanity Fair, “My parents are not in that billionaire world at all, but the idea of coming from nothing and working your way up — I think that’s why the character felt very personal to me,” she continued “I grew up navigating different worlds and different communities where I was like, ‘Oh, now all of a sudden we’re living in a bigger house and a more fancy neighborhood.’ But I always felt like an outsider.”

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