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Meet Esmeralda Amada Gosling: Ryan Gosling And Eva Mendes’ Daughter

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes, one of Hollywood’s most private couples, welcomed their first child, Esmeralda Amada Gosling, in September 2014. The couple have been together since 2011, and are fiercely private about their family life barely sharing photos or details about their children on social media or in interviews.

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes prioritize their daughters’ upbringing and are very dedicated parents. However, fans have always been eager to learn more about the couple’s daughter, Esmeralda, who is a mystery in the media.

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Who Is Esmeralda Amada Gosling?

Esmeralda Amada Gosling is the first child of Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes. Born on September 12, 2014, in California, Esmeralda’s name holds a special meaning; “Amada” is the middle name of Eva Mendes’ grandmother, and “Esmeralda” translates to “emerald” in Spanish, a nod to Eva Mendes’ Cuban heritage.

The couple has always chosen to remain tight-lipped about their daughter’s life, however, Eva has shared a few tidbits about their parenting style. In an interview with People magazine, Eva revealed that Ryan and she are raising their daughters to be bilingual, speaking both English and Spanish at home. She also shared that they as a family celebrate both Christmas and Hanukkah.

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The Gosling-Mendes Family

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes are two of the most high-profile names in Hollywood yet they have kept their family life out of the public eye. The couple rarely posts photos of their children on social media. In fact, when Eva was pregnant with their second child, Amada Lee Gosling, in 2016, the couple kept the pregnancy a secret until just weeks before her birth.

While some celebrities use their children’s fame to boost their own careers, Ryan and Eva have made a conscious decision to keep their family life private, a decision many fans respect. As Esmeralda Amanda Gosling grows up, it’s likely that she’ll continue to stay out of the spotlight, living a life that’s as normal and not laden with paparazzo everywhere she goes.

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Phillip Schofield Net Worth 2023: How Rich Is ‘This Morning’ Presenter?

Phillip Schofield (2)
Name Phillip Schofield
Age 61
Occupation Television presenter
Source Of Wealth Television shows
Net Worth $12 Million
Residence Newquay

Philip Schofield was the presenter at ‘This Morning Show‘, but on May 20, he stepped down from the show with immediate effect. Born on 1 April 1962, Schofield is now a famous television presenter, who once began his career as a DJ in New Zealand. He has had a successful career in television and is recognized for his work with numerous awards.

This Morning’s presenter was the face of this television show for decades and has earned millions through it. In 2020, Phillip Schofield came out as gay through a statement released on his social media. 

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Phillip Schofield Net Worth

Phillip Schofield is an English TV presenter, whose net worth is around $9 million to $12 million according to the Celebrity Net Worth. His net worth is largely credited to his success as a television presenter.

Apart from This Morning, Schofield has also been a guest presenter at various reality shows and game shows. He is a household name in the UK, known for presenting various shows including ‘Dancing on Ice’, ‘This Morning‘, and ‘The Cube’.

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Phillip Schofield Career

Phillip Schofield’s career began in New Zealand as a radio jockey. In 1985, he first rose to fame as a presenter for the children’s show Going Live on BBC. Later he went on to present a variety of TV shows including ‘Test on Nation’, ‘Dancing on Ice’, ‘The Cube’, and ‘The National Lottery’.

Apart from that, Schofield has also been a guest presenter on shows like ‘Never Mind the Buzzcocks’ and ‘Have I Got News for You’. He did not restrict himself to this field only, Schofield also acted in various stage productions and also provided voiceover for several TV programs and documentaries. 

Phillip Schofield Awards

Phillip Schofield has established a successful carer in television and has been awarded on many occasions for his work. In 1998, he won the National Television Award for Most Popular Daytime. In 2006, he won the TV Quick Award for Best Entertainer Presenter for The Cube, Later in 2014, Schofield was awarded an Order of the British Empire for his service to broadcasting.

Before that, he won the National Television Award for Best Daytime Programme for This Morning in 2012. Ans in 2018 he won the TV Choice Award for the Best Daytime Show again for This Morning. 

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5 Marvel Superheroes Who Can Fill Iron Man’s Shoes In MCU

Tony stark
Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark, Iron Man died in Avengers: Endgame.

The most tragic sacrifice of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has to be the death of Tony Stark. In ‘Avengers: Endgame’, Tony Stark sacrificed himself to defeat the supervillain of Phase Three, Thanos. Although his physical presence will be missed in MCU, Iron Man‘s legacy is most likely to live on.

Using the stones, Iron Man performed his final act which was the greatest in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Tony Stark was a man of a dual personality- an egomaniac industrialist and a technological genius and morally questionable. Marvel needs a strong persona to fill in the suit of Iron Man. Here’s the list of five Marvel Superheroes who can take over Jarvis.

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Tom Holland in 'Spider-Man: No Way Home'
Tom Holland in ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’

Iron Man was the biggest icon and idol for Peter Parker. First recruited by Tony Stark during ‘Captain America: Civil War’, Peter Parker idolized Tony Stark. He shaped Peter’s personality and shaped him into a responsible adult who deals maturely with his powers as seen in ‘Spiderman: Homecoming’. Stark also provided Peter with his first legitimate suit along with the Iron Spider armor as seen in Avengers: Infinity War.

Tony Stark also left his E.D.I.T.H glasses with Spider-Man as his inheritance, giving access to Stark Industries’ global satellite network and defense system. But still Spiderman: ‘No Way Home’ established Peter Parker as a worthy hero in the MCU. Also by the end of the film, Peter made his own suit foregoing the Stark tech he relied on. But Peter Parker still has a long way to establish as a worthy successor of Iron Man.

War Machine

Don Cheadle as War Machine
Don Cheadle as War Machine

Col.James Rodes has always been a primary hero using the Stark tech in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Rodes has been featured in ‘Falcon and the Winter Soldier’ without his armor and also won’t be suiting up in the upcoming ‘Secret Invasion’. Although Tony Stark’s best friend, Rodes has an added advantage. 

According to the official reports from Marvel Studios, Armor Wars will see James Rhodey working to protect Tony Stark’s legacy as Iron Man. This will more likely be to expect the return of the War Machine armor which was once cast aside. But Rhodey’s new role in the White House might keep him away from suiting up as War Machine in the long term. But after Black Panther, Marvel needs a black hero in a climactic role.

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Peter Potts

The love of Tony Stark’s life- Pepper Potts eventually became Iron Man’s wife as secretary between ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ and ‘Endgame’. She was also present during the final battle against Thomas and his evil forces. Stark made Rescue armor, especially for her. She was by his side even after the snap and encouraged Iron Man to finally rest after his sacrifice. 

But there is a high probability that Pepper Potts would not be interested in continuing Iron Man’s legacy. She witnessed how his superhero responsibility got in the way of their relationship, hence Potts does not want the same fate for their daughter, Morgan. For a Marvel crossover such as ‘Secret Wars’, she is likely to be on the list of Iron Man’s replacement. 



Ironheart made her debut in ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’. Riri Williams reverse-engineered Tony Stark’s armor to forge her own flight suit in the Marvel Cinematic Universe while attending MIT. She also created her own propriety vibranium technology that was secretly used by the CIA which placed her at the crossroads of both Wankanda and Namor’s undersea kingdom of Talokan. However, this led Riri to meet Shuri who provided her the opportunity to build her very own vibranium-integrated suit of armor, Ironheart.  

Because of her tech skills, Ironheart is one of the heroes most suited to inherit Iron Man’s legacy. Although she does not have any personal connection or a familial relationship with Tony Stark, maybe if it has to be decided on her skills then Ironheart is the most appropriate candidate to succeed in Iron Man.

Morgan Stark

Morgan Stark

If not Ironheart, then it has to be Morgan Stark, Tony Stark’s daughter. During the events of ‘Endgame’ and her father’s sacrifice, he was only four years. While Tony’s absence will foster a strange mix of emotions as she grows up, hopefully, Pepper Potts will do a good job raising her to be her father’s mirror. 

In a deleted scene of ‘Avengers: Endgame’, Katherine Langford plays the role of adult Morgan who meets Tony Stark in the Soul world. She reassures him that his decision to save the universe was the right call to make. It would be delightful to see Langford appear as adult Morgan all ready to take up her father’s legacy. 

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5 Tom Cruise Performances That Breaks The Stigma Of Him Being Only A Cold Face Action Star

Tom Cruise at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival with Honorary Palme d'Or for achievement in film
Tom Cruise at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival with Honorary Palme d'Or for achievement in film

Tom Cruise is known for his black aviators and stunts. Although he is one of the best action heroes of Hollywood, many criticize him for only doing action movies. But Tom Cruise has shown on multiple occasions that he is more than just an action hero. 

Over the years, Tom Cruise has done some movies that show us how talented an actor he really is. So let’s look at the star’s lesser-seen side with these 5 films that will make you believe in his acting abilities.

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5. Rain Man

Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man
Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man

Cruise’s Charlie Babbitt is selfish and a hungry businessman. Although Dustin Hoffman as Raymond Babbitt took the prize for his performance in the film, Tom Cruise did not back down either. This film portrayed his abilities as an actor early on. And Tom Cruise made his position strong in Hollywood with ‘Rain Man’. 

After the death of his father, Charlie finds out that he has an older brother suffering from autism and savant syndrome. He inherits all of their father’s fortune after his death. As the brothers take a road trip from Cincinnati to Los Angeles, they bond and make up for the lost time.

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4. Eyes Wide Shut

Tom Cruise Eyes Wide Shut
Tom Cruise in ‘Eyes Wide Shut’

This movie did not do quite well at the box office. But Stanley Kubrick’s last film is considered one of the greatest works in cinema history. And Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman were a sight for sore eyes in this movie. Tom Cruise’s charm and appeal were portrayed perfectly in this erotic psychological drama. 

‘Eyes Wide Shut’ delves into sexual desires and wishes between a couple living in New York. Dr. William Harford is shocked to learn that his wife Alice considered leaving him for another man. After this shocking revelation, Harford embarks on a weird journey of self-discovery.

3. Magnolia

Tom Cruise in Magnolia
Tom Cruise in Magnolia

Another psychological drama that Tom Cruise acted in is far from his action-hero portrayal. Tom Cruise played Frank T.J. Mackey, a motivational speaker and pick-up artist. Although the film features a lot of stars, Cruise’s Frank stands out among them for his acting. In ‘Magnolia’ you will get to see a very different Tom Cruise from what we see in ‘Mission Impossible‘.

Magnolia‘ talks about three different stories about some very different people. The stories converge at a point. The characters search for love, happiness, acceptance, and peace as the three deaths become intertwined with each other.

2. A Few Good Men

A scene from A Few Good Men
Tom Cruise in A Few Good Men

This Rob Reiner movie is undoubtedly one of the best of all times. And Tom Cruise’s Lieutenant Daniel Kaffee surprises us. He played a callow military lawyer who at first has doubts about his client and wants to quit the case. But Lieutenant Daniel Kaffee matures and changes over the course of the film and proved his client is not guilty. Cruise delivers a powerful performance in this movie. 

Private William Santiago is found dead at the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base in Cuba. After his death, Lance Corporal Harold Dawson and Private First Class Louden Downey are suspected and court-martialed. JAG Corps Lieutenant Daniel Kaffee is assigned Dawson’s case and becomes his defense lawyer. As a long legal battle follows, many secrets and mysteries are unfolded.

1. Jerry Maguire

A scene from Jerry Maguire
Tom Cruise in Jerry Maguire

This film is the one after which everyone fell in love with Tom Cruise. Cruise showed a charming, sweet, and cute version of himself as the slick 35-year-old sports agent, Jerry Maguire. We rarely see Cruise in romantic movies and this one was one of his best. Not only his relationship with Dorothy, but his bond with Ray is also remarkable. ‘Jerry Maguire’ is a must-watch if you want to see a completely different side of the guns-blazing and airplane-jumping Tom Cruise. 

After sports agent Jerry Maguire is fired from his job, he opens his own company. And the only person who supports him is Dorothy. However, Maguire manages to get a client, Rod Tidwell. But Tidwell is impatient and disgruntled with the contract. Maguire and Tidwell form a bond as he tries to please the football player and get him back on his feet.

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“Only Getting A Part Of The Story”: Princess Diana’s Former Bodyguard Weighs In On The Near-Fatal Paparazzi Car Chase Of Prince Harry And Meghan Markle

Princess Diana's bodyguard reacted to Prince Harry's near-fatal paparazzi car chase
Princess Diana's bodyguard reacted to Prince Harry's near-fatal paparazzi car chase

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle stepped back from their royal duties in 2020. There were several reasons for the drastic move. One of the main reasons that the couple stepped back was to get relief from the paparazzi culture, which is so well-entrenched in the royal family. To escape that, Harry and Meghan moved to the United States. But the couple does not seem to get respite from the vultures that are the paparazzi.

In May 2023, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were involved in a near-death paparazzi car chase in New York. The couple, along with Meghan’s mother, attended an honorary ceremony at the Ziegfeld Ballroom. After the ceremony, they were leaving the venue, and the paparazzi car started chasing them for a picture on the streets of New York. As per their security personnel’s account, the chase was “chaotic,” and it could have led to fatalities. Now, Princess Diana’s ex-bodyguard has chimed in to talk about the car chase.

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Lee Sansum, Princess Diana’s Ex-Bodyguard, Says That The Paparazzi Are Very Intrusive

Lee Sansum has called the Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's paparazzi car chase's media narrative half-baked
Lee Sansum has called the Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s paparazzi car chase’s media narrative half-baked

Princess Diana had been the victim of the paparazzi culture. She died in an unfortunate car accident in Paris in 1997. Before the accident near the Seine River, paparazzi were chasing her to get a picture of her with her then-boyfriend, Dodi Fayed. Now, her son and daughter-in-law could have met with the same fate due to the erratic behavior of the photographers.

Now, Princess Diana‘s ex-bodyguard, Lee Sansum, has spoken to Fox News about the near-fatal paparazzi car chase. During the interview, he said, “I think really from the information that we’re reading — that is put out by the press and whoever — I think we’re only getting a part of the story.”

He continued, “Whether it’s entirely the correct story, it’s a version of the story. But from my experience in the past, the paparazzi, the people taking the photographs… they are so intrusive. And eventually, it just breaks you down.”

Sansum added, “Initially, you can just can get on with it and you can kind of put up with it. But it’s very oppressive. And eventually, even the coolest of us, you’re just, ‘Enough, man.'”

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The Bodyguard Hints At How People Got Jeopardized During Prince Harry And Meghan Markle’s Car Chase

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex for Ms. Foundation's event in New York
The Duke and Duchess of Sussex for Ms. Foundation’s event in New York

During an interview with CNN, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s security personnel talked about how the whole chase endangered the pedestrians’ lives. He said, “The public was in jeopardy at several points. It could have been fatal. They were jumping curbs and red lights. At one point they blocked the limousine (carrying the couple) and started taking pictures until we were able to get out.”

Princess Diana’s bodyguard also hinted at the same point that these fanatic paparazzi behaviors threaten the lives of the common people. He said, “I find it absolutely crazy that these people are allowed to do this and put the public at risk, chasing people. We say ‘chasing,’ we assume that they’re going really fast.”

Lee added, “They don’t have to be going fast, but they’re cutting people off… They’re advancing through traffic in an aggressive manner to catch a vehicle, to take a photograph that is going to make them money. And it’s putting people at risk.”

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There Is Still A Glimmer Of Hope For Disgraced Prince Harry As He Finds An Ally Within The Royal Family

Prince Harry has found an ally within the royal family after getting ousted
Prince Harry has found an ally within the royal family after getting ousted

The relationship between Prince Harry and the royal family is damaged beyond repair. Along with Meghan Markle, Harry stepped back from his royal duties in 2020 due to excessive intrusion from the media and alleged ill-treatment from the family. In 2021, the couple gave an explosive interview with Oprah Winfrey, which marked the beginning of the end.

Since then, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have spilled many behind-the-scenes secrets about the royal family. Recently, in December 2022, they released a Netflix docu-series chronicling the most information about their lives, along with revealing some bombshell family secrets. In January 2023, Prince Harry’s memoir, ‘Spare,’ strained the relationship further. The royal family has allegedly shut all the doors to reconciliation, but Princess Anne can be a saving grace for Harry’s drowning ship.

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Princess Anne Relates To Prince Harry’s Struggles As She Is Also The Second Child In The Family

Prince Harry with Princess Anne
Prince Harry with Princess Anne

Princess Anne is the only daughter of the late Queen Elizabeth II and King Philip. She took on the role of head of the Royal Marines after Prince Harry resigned. The role was offered to her due to her experience serving in the Royal Navy.

Despite her early views about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, she is coming out in support of the disgraced ex-royal couple. During King Charles III’s coronation, he exchanged words with his aunt Anne. She was the only senior royal who talked to the Duke of Sussex during the ceremony. Princess Anne asked him whether he was comfortable sitting three rows back.

Prince Harry did not take down Princess Anne in his bombshell memoir, ‘Spare.’ An insider has now revealed that Anne always had a soft spot for her nephew. The insider said, “The Princess Royal has always had a soft spot for Harry, and they both have a wicked sense of humor.”

The insider continued, “People talk about Prince Andrew being the Spare, but Anne was the second-born, too, and particularly since Diana died, has always felt a duty to support her nephew. Both Anne and Harry have a great sense of humor and more in common than it might seem.”

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Prince Harry Might Be Planning To Move Back To The UK

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle might move to the UK
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle might move to the UK

The royal family, despite their strained relationship, invited Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to the coronation ceremony. But, despite the invitation, only Prince Harry turned up to the ceremony.

But the ex-royal stayed only for a few hours, leaving the other royals fuming due to his short presence. It is alleged that after the coronation ceremony, it is difficult for the couple to reconcile with the family. However, Grant Harrold, the ex-butler of King Charles III, claims that the couple may move back to the UK.

During an interview with The Post, Grant Harrold said, “I’d never say never; it’s always possible that one day he might want to come home; it’s possible that he might buy [a property] here if he wanted to come over [more] and Meghan didn’t want to come over.” He continued, “Meghan doesn’t really have any family here as such; all her family is in the States, and that’s where Harry has decided he wants to set up his home.”

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“It’s A Mindf**k”: Khloé Kardashian Admits Feeling Less Connected To Her Surrogate Baby Than Daughter True

Khloé Kardashian admits not feeling connected to her son Tatum on 'The Kardashians'
Khloé Kardashian admits not feeling connected to her son Tatum on 'The Kardashians'

Khloé Kardashian had the most saddening personal life on the Kardashian-Jenner clan’s reality TV show. Khloé is an understanding, fun human being and an amazing mother to her daughter True and newborn, Tatum. However, when it comes to romantic love, Tristan Thompson, her ex-boyfriend, failed at every stage due to his scandalous behavior.

Tristan Thompson allegedly cheated on Khloé Kardashian in 2019 with Kylie Jenner’s friend, Jordyn Woods. Tristan hooked up with her at a party while he became a father to Khloé and his daughter, True. Secondly, the Good American owner found out that Tristan was the father of his fitness coach’s child when the surrogate got pregnant. During the latest season of ‘The Kardashians,’ Khloé talked about the whirlwind journey of the surrogacy process.

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Khloé Kardashian Felt Guilty Due To The Transactional Nature Of Surrogacy

Khloé Kardashian with her son Tatum
Khloé Kardashian with her son Tatum

During the first episode of season three of ‘The Kardashians,’ Khloé Kardashian got vulnerable about the surrogacy process through which she welcomed her second child, Tatum. In August 2022, Khloé welcomed Tatum via surrogate. However, the entire process was “shocking” for the mother of two.

Khloé Kardashian confessed, “I buried my head in the sand during that pregnancy.” She continued, “When I went to the hospital, that was the first time it really registered, and it has nothing to do with the baby.”

The ‘Good American’ owner also talked about how she felt guilty about the surrogacy process due to its transactional nature. “I felt really guilty that this woman just had my baby, and then I take the baby and then I go to another room and you’re separated. It’s such a transactional experience because it’s not about him.”

The confessional continued, “I wish someone was honest about surrogacy and the difference of it. That doesn’t mean it’s bad — it’s great, but it’s very different.” She also confessed that she does not feel connected to her new baby. The Kardashian said, “It’s a mindf**k. Kim said hers was easy, and this is not easy.”

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The Reality TV Star Wants Tristan Thompson For The Special Moments

Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson
Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson

Khloé Kardashian is putting her magnanimity on display by putting all the scandals surrounding Tristan Thompson on the back burner for her children. After the Jordyn Woods controversy, the Kardashian came to know that Thompson impregnated his trainer, Maralee Nichols, and hid it from her. When she found out that the surrogate was pregnant in November 2022, Maralee conceived Tristan’s child.

A source told HollywoodLife.com that Khloé Kardashian wants Tristan Thompson to be present during special moments. The source said, “Khloe still wants Tristan there for the special moments, she feels it’s important for her kids to have those memories with him and bond. She’s aware that people are going to have opinions about her inviting him around but she’s not going to let that stop her from doing what’s best for her kids.”

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Kim Kardashian Reveals The Male Features That Make Her Ho**y

Kim Kardashian gets horny by the straight teeth of men
Kim Kardashian gets horny by the straight teeth of men

Kim Kardashian has been making headlines recently after her explosive podcast with Jay Shetty on the heels of the new season of ‘The Kardashians.’ Kim had a whirlwind of a year following Kanye West’s bullying and harassment, the Met Gala controversy, and her breakup with SNL alumnus Pete Davidson.

On May 25, 2023, ‘The Kardashians’ on Hulu premiered its third season with a lot of chaos and full of juicy confessionals! We witnessed friction between Kim Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian over Dolce & Gabbana. The SKIMS owner also talked about Ye’s antics and how they affected her mentally. But one of the juiciest and scandalous confessions was Kim Kardashian’s feeling horny for men with straighter teeth.

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Kim Kardashian Gets Turned On By Men With Straighter Teeth

Kim Kardashian during the first episode of the third season of 'The Kardashians'
Kim Kardashian during the first episode of the third season of ‘The Kardashians’

The third season of ‘The Kardashians’ is here, and the fans were in for a lot of surprises during the first episode of the show. During the premiere, Kim Kardashian revealed the traits that most attracted her to a man. She said, “Number one, protect me. Number two, fight for me. Number three, good hygiene. I mean, that’s a given. I think I should even take that off.”

The socialite also expressed that the man should be “patient, successful, understanding, and genuinely happy for me.” However, she revealed that one of the defining features that turns her on is their teeth. She surprised everyone by declaring that “the straighter they are, the hornier” it makes her!

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The Reality TV Star Also Gets Horny By A Clean Playroom

The Kardashian-Jenner clan on Jimmy Kimmel Live!
The Kardashian-Jenner clan on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

The Kardashian-Jenner clan made it to Jimmy Kimmel’s couch for the promotion of the first season of ‘The Kardashians.’ During Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Kim also revealed something very peculiar that makes her horny. She confessed that a clean playroom makes her horny.

She said, “People don’t see, like, I cleaned out the playroom today. Like, that kinda stuff gets me … makes me horny, to literally clean out my f****ing playroom. I’m insane.” She continued, “Any mom will get that! Like, if you have a clean playroom? Oh, my God. Like, you can sleep at night?”

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From ‘I’d Marry You With Paper Rings’ To ‘I Wouldn’t Marry Me Either,’ Fans Are Devastated Over The Lyrics Of ‘You’re Losing Me’ By Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift leaves fans devastated with 'You're Losing Me'
Taylor Swift leaves fans devastated with 'You're Losing Me'

In October 2022, Taylor Swift released one of her most anticipated tenth studio albums, ‘Midnights.’ The album has done thunderous commercial business, with fans revering Swift’s new work, “Midnights.” The album has done thunderous commercial business, with fans revering Swift’s new work. The album has a very sensual, upbeat undertone to it. She became the first artist to occupy the Top 10 section of the Billboard Hot 100, and now she is touring all over the US with her ‘Eras’ Tour.

During the tour, Taylor Swift introduced the Swifties to many surprises. She gave a shout-out to her rumored boyfriend, Matt Healy, during one of the shows. The ‘folklore’ songstress also announced the re-recording of her third studio album, ‘Speak Now.’ Recently, Swift released the deluxe edition of ‘Midnights’  called ‘Til Dawn Edition,’ which includes Ice Spice and Lana Del Ray as features. But the New Jersey fans got a surprise with a new single, ‘You’re Losing Me,’ whose lyrics had Swifties in shambles.

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Taylor Swift Sings About The Devastating Phase Before Her Break Up In ‘You’re Losing Me’

Taylor Swift's 'You're Losing Me' lyrics allude to the rocky relationship with Joe Alwyn
Taylor Swift’s ‘You’re Losing Me’ lyrics allude to the rocky relationship with Joe Alwyn

Amid the feel-good, rambunctiously sensual ‘Midnights,’ Taylor Swift has released a vault track that could have never made it to the album, titled ‘You’re Losing Me.’ During her May 26, 2023, ‘Eras’ tour concert in New Jersey at MetLife Stadium, Taylor exclusively released the song. She first released the song on a CD edition, which was restricted to the fans at the concert venue. Later, she released it digitally on her website.

The lyrics to “You’re Losing Me’ allude to her recent breakup with Joe Alwyn after six years. The lyrics hint at the inevitability of the end of something beautiful most devastatingly. One lyric goes, “Do I throw out everything we built or keep it? / I’m getting tired even for a phoenix / Always rising from the ashes / Mending all her gashes / You might just have dealt the final blow.”

It is the first single in a while where Swift is talking about her relationship struggles without fictionalizing any context. Along with this heartbreaking song, Swift released two more songs that were far, tonally, from this one. One was the ‘Karma’ remix with the rap sensation Ice Spice, and she brought more Lana Del Ray with the ‘Snow on the Beach’ remix. However, the Swifties strongly reacted to the song, and their reactions oscillated between sad and devastated.

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Swifties Have Reacted To The New Heart-Wrenching Ballad From The Artist

Taylor Swift on 'Midnights' cover
Taylor Swift on ‘Midnights’ cover

‘You’re Losing Me,’ though not directly, hints at the dwindling relationship between Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn. After six years, the couple had an amicable breakup. The fans were concerned when Joe was not present during any show of her new tour. Alwyn and Swift collaborated on songs for which the actor penned lyrics under the pseudonym William Bowery.

Swifties hinted at the transition from lyrics like “I hope I never lose you/ I hope it never ends” to “I wouldn’t marry me either/ A pathological people pleaser.” The theme of the song was very similar to her previous songs like ‘The Great War,’ ‘Exile,’ and ‘Champagne Problems.’ Swifties flooded Twitter with their reactions to this new ballad from their beloved artist.

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“$5 Million Per Year For An Injury He Fully Recovered From”: Dwayne Johnson Still Receives Ridiculous Money From WWE For An Accident That Wasn’t Even Their Fault

Dwayne Johnson suffered a few injuries at a WWE match

Dwayne Johnson is currently one of the most famous faces in films and he has already accumulated a huge fanbase by portraying Luke Hobbs in the ‘Fast & Furious’ films, among other famous roles. However, he also had a career in the WWE.

Considering that he has such a strong physique, it is hard to imagine that he might have met with an accident. But this happened a long time ago during a match and he is now being paid as compensation for his losses.

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What Happened To Dwayne Johnson?                                         

Dwayne Johnson’s financial situation was affected because of his injuries

There was a time when John Cena called out Dwayne Johnson for leaving WWE and the latter decided to join Hollywood. He then appeared at Wrestlemania XXVIII and 29 and managed to defeat John Cena in the first match. However, Cena defeated Johnson in 29 and Johnson suffered broken tendons and hernia tears.

Johnson also spoke about his injuries, saying that he tore his abductor tendon alongside his rectus tendon and pelvis. He added, “And then I found out that I had three wonderful hernia tears. There’s a lot of fun swelling in the ‘cash and prizes’ area for the first week and a half. Those were sexy times…It’s a lot of fun pain to go through.”

Following the injuries, the look of his abs completely changed. Johnson once revealed that he does not have a six-pack or eight-pack and instead, he has a five-and-a-half or four-and-a-half pack.

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Dwayne Johnson’s Injuries Badly Affected His Work

Dwayne Johnson paid for his injuries from his WWE salary

Dwayne Johnson had to suffer some heavy losses because of the injuries and his father Rocky disclosed that his son’s financial condition was also affected. His injuries led to delays in the filming of one of his projects and he lost a lot of money for the same.

Johnson had to undergo surgery and the set of the film was closed for three weeks. However, he earned $5 million from WWE and this helped him a lot at the time. People have commented on him still getting money for an injury that no longer affects his career or physical strength. Meanwhile, the Rock is not returning to the WWE ring.

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