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    8 Insanely Expensive Things Owned By Tom Cruise

    Tom Cruise is one of the biggest actors in Hollywood. He has numerous movies to his name and received countless awards and nominations. The actor has delivered several blockbuster super hits throughout his career and is also known for his death-defying stunts, especially in ‘Mission: Impossible‘ films. 

    The ‘Top Gun’ actor has a net worth of around $600 million, so he undoubtedly owns insanely expensive things suitable for a millionaire actor. From properties to luxury cars and an impressive watch collection, these are some of the super luxurious things owned by Cruise.

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    8. Florida Penthouse

    Tom Cruise's Florida penthouse
    Tom Cruise’s Florida penthouse

    Cruise’s Florida penthouse is one among the many properties he owns. The multi-million dollar penthouse is located at the Skyview. His penthouse is located on the top two floors of the building. And it is an impressive home. 

    Some interesting parts of the home include a passageway leading to a secret smaller condo on the second floor. It has a roof deck complete with a luxury 39ft infinity pool, solarium, hot tub, and bar.

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    7. Ford Excursion

    Ford Excursion
    Ford Excursion

    Tom Cruise is one of the many celebrities who has an impressive and expensive car collection. This all-black Ford Excursion is one of the largest cars owned by him. It is a 4-door SUV with a lift gate and 2 dutch doors. The approximate cost of the car is around $40,000. 

    Some other impressive features of Cruise’s Ford Excursion include a 6.0 Litre PowerStroke V8 turbodiesel engine, 5-speed automatic transmission, a V10 engine and many more. 

    6. Gulfstream G450

    Tom Cruise's Gulfstream G450
    Tom Cruise’s Gulfstream G450

    For a man who is so fond of jumping off planes, it is obvious that Cruise owns a jet. The Gulfstream G450 is powered by two Rolls-Royce Tay 611-8C engines and can reach an altitude of 45,000 ft. Cruise’s private jet can carry 19 passengers and two crew members. It is safe to say that Tom Cruise can easily travel across the world either alone or with some of his closest friends. 

    5. Bugatti Veyron Super Sport

    Tom Cruise’s Bugatti Veyron Super Sport

    This magnificent car is what Cruise drove to the premiere of ‘Mission Impossible 3’. The Bugatti is reported to have cost Tom Cruise a whopping $2 million. Powered by a massive 8.0-liter quad-turbo W16 engine, the car can achieve a maximum speed of 415 kmph. His car also has a revised aerodynamic package. 

    4. London’s Victorian Mansion

    London estate
    London estate

    Although not known particularly, this piece of property might have caused Cruise around $5 million. Also known as the Rede Place estate, this mansion has a private dance studio, gym, and cinema. Since Tom Cruise is a devoted follower of the Church of Scientology, this mansion stands just a few miles from Saint Hill Manor, the UK headquarters of the church. 

    3. Watch Collection

    Tom Cruise's watch collection
    Tom Cruise’s watch collection

    It would be impossible to name just one expensive piece from Tom Cruise’s watch collection. The actor has an impressive and interesting watch collection that would be worth millions of dollars. Some of the most interesting and prominent watches in Cruise’s collection are the Bremont ALT1-C watch, the Royal Oak Offshore GP Singapur watch, the Casio G-Shock DW-5300, a Tudor Heritage Chronograph, an Omega Speedmaster X-33, and a Sangdo watch.

    2. Los Angeles Mansion

    Los Angeles mansion
    Los Angeles mansion

    The house in which Cruise spends most of his time cost him around $11.4 million. Situated on two-and-a-half acres in Laurel Canyon, the mansion has a two-story main house, with oak plank floors, vaulted ceilings, and three bedrooms.

    That is not all! Tom Cruise’s Los Angeles home has a guesthouse that has four bedrooms, its own kitchen, and four bathrooms. The mansion also has a space that serves as a wine-tasting room and wine storage area.

    1. Ford Mustang Saleen

    Tom Cruise's Ford Mustang Saleen
    Tom Cruise’s Ford Mustang Saleen

    The most expensive thing owned by Tom Cruise is again part of his car collection. Launched in 1994, this vintage Ford Mustang Saleen comes with a supercharged V-6 engine. With a top speed of 150 mph, the car is indeed an impressive one in his collection. 

    The Ford Mustang also has an innovative exhaust system with twin mufflers and vacuum-actuated valves that open above a specified back pressure.

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