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    ‘Mission: Impossible 7’: Climax Scene Preparation Gave Tom Cruise Anxiety As He Wanted It to Be A Challenge for The Audience To Resist Coming Back For The Next Part

    ‘Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One’ is getting a positive response from critics and audiences. Unlike a majority of the sequels of other franchises, this one did not end on a cliffhanger and the reason is Tom Cruise.

    According to director Christopher McQuarrie, it was Tom Cruise, who recommended ending the film in such a way so that audiences can remain excited for the eighth film. Cruise also wanted the audience to remain satisfied with the story.

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    Tom Cruise Did Not Want To End ‘Mission: Impossible 7’ On A Cliffhanger

    Tom Cruise and Christopher McQuarrie
    Tom and Christopher did not want to end the film on a cliffhanger

    Tom Cruise has given his best when it comes to action films and specifically in the ‘Mission: Impossible’ franchise. Christopher McQuarrie revealed that the farewell sequence of Ethan and Grace in ‘Mission: Impossible 7’ was filmed two years before filming began and Cruise had to wear a wig to cover the new hairstyle for the eighth film.

    Addressing the climax, McQuarrie mentioned that the climax was planned a long time ago and Tom had to remain awake for the entire night during production to keep thinking of more ideas.

    He added: “Tom kept looking at that scene and he had all this anxiety about whether or not it would be a satisfying conclusion or whether it would feel open-ended. We constantly revisited it, constantly refined it.”

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    ‘Mission: Impossible 8’ Is Reportedly Delayed Due To WGA Strike

    Tom Cruise and Christopher McQuarrie
    Tom had sleepless nights according to Christopher

    The WGA Strike has affected the production of various films and TV shows and this also includes ‘Mission: Impossible 8.’ The producers have not confirmed anything from their side for now but the WGA strike has seemingly forced Christopher McQuarrie to stop working on the script.

    McQuarrie revealed that a big action sequence has been shot alongside the interstitial stuff. He added: “It’s a sidebar action sequence involving the team, which we haven’t shot yet, and that’s first up as soon as we get back. It’s involving elements that I’ve never worked with before. It’s a big challenge, and it’s a tight schedule. The plan to be wrapped for all principal photography is early next year.”

    For now, the eighth film is scheduled to be released on June 28, 2024. The makers are yet to announce the release date change from their side.

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