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    O.J. Simpson’s 5 Children: Where Are They Now?

    O.J. Simpson‘s passing from cancer on April 10 came as a shock to many. The sports legend left behind a legacy entwined with triumphs and controversies. As the world grieves the loss of another great talent, his family is inconsolable.

    O.J. was married twice and shared a total of five children with his wives. Among his five children, two were with his late wife, Nicole Brown Simpson. The star got mired in controversy for her murder but was later acquitted of the crime. He shares his other three children with Marguerite Whitley. Here’s all you need to know about the late star’s children.

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    O.J. Simpson Shared Two Children With Nicole Brown Simpson

    O.J. Simpson with his two children (Credit: X)
    O.J. Simpson with his two children (Credit: X)

    O.J. Simpson’s daughter Sydney Brooke Simpson, who is now 38, endured the glaring spotlight at the tender age of 8 when her mother died and her father was the prime suspect. She was exposed to a lot of negative limelight during her father’s trial. After the ordeal, Sydney chose to pursue a private life and is currently into real estate, based in St. Petersburg Florida.

    Sydney’s brother, Justin Ryan Simpson is their second son. Now 35, he also opted for a low-key life and got into the real estate business in Florida. Justin was quite resilient while dealing with his mother’s death. His ability to navigate emotional challenges with grace was appreciated by many including his friends and relatives.

    Despite his questionable relationship with his wife, O.J. was particularly proud of his children, as he revealed in an interview with NBC’s Katie Couric in 2004. He lauded his children’s academic excellence and sporting prowess during the interview with heavy enthusiasm.

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    O.J. Simpson’s Three Children With First Wife Marguerite Whitley

    O.J. Simpson with his two children and first wife (Credit: X)
    O.J. Simpson with his two children and first wife (Credit: X)

    Before Nicole Brown Simpson, O.J. Simpson was married to Marguerite Whitley, with whom he shared three children. All of them chose to carve their paths away from the glare of public scrutiny. From his first marriage,  O.J. had his first and oldest child, Arnelle Simpson. Now 55, Arnelle stood firmly by her father’s side during his legal battles and offered him unwavering support during his trials and parole hearings.

    She also played a prominent role during the testimonies, showing her loyalty to her father. The two were quite close, as Arnelle also referred to him as her “best friend” and “rock” while both were going through some bad times.

    His second son, Jason Simpson, chose to evade the limelight and chose to become a professional chef and culinary director. Reflecting on his father’s fame and infamy, Jason opened up about his post-trial experiences and the intrusive media attention. “There was a time when my dad was famous, and there was a time when he was infamous,” he said during a 2018 interview.

    The star’s last child from his first wife, Aaren Simpson, died in a drowning accident before her second birthday in 1979. Until his last breath, she remained to be a special memory in O.J.’s life.

    As O.J. Simpson’s family mourns his loss, they find solace in cherished memories and shared experiences.

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