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    Amber Heard Laughs During A Speech On Teen Suicide. Old Viral Goes Viral

    A video of Amber Heard laughing in the middle of a speech on adolescent suicide has gone viral on TikTok. Heard seemed unaffected as she joined the audience and applauded the remarks.

    Amber spoke about her relationship with a suicide survivor named Gwen also. The actress has been the subject of intense social media attention and anger in recent weeks as she battled ex-husband Johnny Depp in court for defamation.

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    Did Amber Heard Laugh During Speech On Teen Suicide?

    On December 4, 2011, Heard spoke alongside fellow actor Zachary Quinto at The Trevor Project’s 2011 Trevor Live! in Los Angeles. The panel talked about the young LGBTQ lives saved by TrevorSpace.

    TrevorSpace offers assistance to LGBTQ adolescents between the ages of 13 to 24 and acts as a suicide prevention hotline, which the performers discussed when they took the stage at the famous Hollywood Palladium.

    Heard shared her emotions: “You know, they sent me a script in the email today and they did not send his speech. I wish they had, or else I’d have prepared. So I’m sorry if I stumble through my bit. But I wasn’t prepared to hear that.”

    She then told the example of a student from Massachusetts who contacted the Trevor Lifeline, where counselors are ready to chat with callers. After telling her “extremely traditional” adoptive parents she was gay, “they didn’t respond that well. And that time she called the Lifeline. They were threatening to send her at that moment to reparative therapy to fix her.”

    A phone rang loudly in the audience as she continued to describe how the kid had been tormented at school and how phoning the hotline had given her hope. Heard then burst out laughing as she addressed an audience member who was off-camera: “Thank you, I needed that so much. Jennifer, I see you, you planned that!” Quinto and the audience both chuckled momentarily with Heard before she apologized and went on to finish her statement.

    TikTok Calls Her A “Horrible Woman”

    Even though there was no indication that Heard’s laughing was intentional, the video was published on TikTok as an example of “how horrible this woman is,” according to the uploader. “This is at a teenage s**cide event.”

    The video, which has been viewed 1 million times since it was posted last week, has been met with a flood of negative comments directed at the ‘Aquaman‘ actress, with many accusing her of lacking compassion.

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