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    “Any Courage I’ve Shown Will Lead To Some Suffering”: Harrison Butler Responds To Backlash Against Controversial Remark Against Women

    Kansas City Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker has been hogging some negative limelight because of his distasteful comments against women, abortion, and some other related issues. The NFL star sparked controversy with his statements made during a May 11 commencement speech. While the backlash has been widespread with his own team members also condemning what he said, Butker seems to stand by his statements.

    Despite the heavy backlash, Butker has now doubled down on the controversy. He was speaking at the Courage Under Fire gala in Nashville on Friday when he clarified that he stands by his statement, and also reiterated his Catholic beliefs. Here’s what he said.

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    Harrison Butler Doubles Down On Controversial Remark Against Women After Backlash

    Harrison Butker
    Harrison Butker

    Harrison Butker was speaking at an event organized by the Catholic hybrid homeschooling group Regina Caeli Academy in Nashville as a board member when he asserted that he stands by his earlier comments from the Benedictine College commencement.

    In the previous statement that drew heavy backlash, Butker had encouraged female students to consider homemaking and even used his wife’s decision as an example. The NFL star had also critiqued abortion and other reproductive technologies that go against his Catholic beliefs.

    Doubling down on his statement, he said, “If it wasn’t clear that the timeless Catholic values are hated by many, it is now,” as reported by CNN. During his speech, Butker also acknowledged the criticism of his previous statement.

    Over the past few days, my beliefs, or what people think I believe, have been the focus of countless discussions around the globe. Many people expressed a shocking level of hate. But as the days went on, even those who disagreed with my viewpoints shared their support for my freedom of religion,” he said.

    Harrison Butker’s speech was widely shared on social media after being initially posted by the right-wing media organization The Daily Wire. While speaking there, Butker drew parallels between himself and the saints who showed immense courage in the face of criticism.

    Would I be so bold if the repercussion was what Daniel faced in being fed to lions? Any courage I’ve shown will lead to some small suffering. And it will lead to some people maybe never liking me, but that could be God’s will,” he said.

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    What Did Harrison Butker Say In His Previous Speech?

    Harrison Butker
    Harrison Butker

    During his previous speech on May 11, Butker had trash-talked about several issues, including abortion, IVF, surrogacy, and LGBTQ+ pride, as stemming from “diabolical lies” and “degenerative cultural values.” Taking an outrageous approach, he addressed women directly as he suggested that most of them were likely more excited about marriage and children than career success.

    His remarks drew significant backlash, including from the NFL. The NFL’s senior vice president and chief diversity and inclusion officer Jonathan Beane also issued a statement to People on May 16 over the matter. The statement clarified that Butker’s views do not represent those of the NFL and affirmed that the league is committed to the principle of inclusion.

    Former Kansas City commissioner Justice Horn also took to social media to criticize Butker. In a post on Twitter, he asserted that Butker does not represent Kansas City, a city known for welcoming and affirming its LGBTQ+ community.

    Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce also addressed Butker’s comments on the May 24 episode of the ‘New Heights‘ podcast. While expressing appreciation for Butker as a teammate, he said, “I can’t say I agree with the majority of it or just about any of it outside of just him loving his family and his kids. And I don’t think that I should judge him by his views, especially his religious views, of how to go about life, that’s just not who I am.”

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