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    “Are Careers Like Ours Possible Ever Again?”: Reese Witherspoon Compares Her And Jennifer Aniston’s Early Hollywood Days To Its Current State

    Reese Witherspoon has expressed concerns over the possible future of Hollywood, as she sees a drastic change in trends and the in-general modus-operandi in the entertainment industry. Noting that things were quite different when herself and her peers including Jennifer Aniston were trying to make it big in the industry, Witherspoon said she worries if the modern day Hollywood stars would have a career like theirs.

    During a recent interview with PaleyFest on Friday night about the most recent season of The Morning Show‘, Reese talked about the possible change in the streaming landscape and Hollywood in upcoming years. She talked about how streaming services are a “Flea market” these days, opining that they need to slow down a bit.

    Streaming was like the biggest thing for three to four years, and there was a never-ending constant smash for content, and like literally we could sell anything,” she said. She noted that the recent strike served as a necessary reset for studios that were struggling to turn a profit, especially those that provided streaming services.

    Further asserting that this would perhaps mean some less stuff to watch, Withersppoon said it’s a good thing to have it filtered. “It was just chaos. It was a flea market. We can slow down a little bit. But there’s going to be a more intention around it, and it’s gonna be a little bit harder.”

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    Reese Witherspoon Reminisces About The Old Times In Hollywood, Noting It’s “Too Much” Today

    Reese Witherspoon (Credit: X)
    Reese Witherspoon (Credit: X)

    Reese Witherspoon further expressed concerns over how Hollywood will look in the coming years. She noted that with more people auditioning for roles, a rise in competition, less stardom, and more exposure to the world of social media, the field of acting has become more complex.

    “Are careers like ours possible ever again? Are there opportunities for people to emerge as stars? How do you know with no data transparency? How do we even know if something did well or didn’t do right?” Reese questioned, as she also mentioned her co-star Jennifer Aniston.

    Witherspoon also got nostalgic about her old times in the industry, noting how glamorous and lively it was with a simple audition procedure and less hassle. “We did start in this industry in a time when it was so glamorous and so fun, and [you would] just go on auditions and auditions and just hope that you get it,” the ‘Your Place Or Mine’ star said.

    When it was so simple, and now it is becoming so… it’s too much sometimes,” Witherspoon exhaustingly added.

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