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    Amber Heard Gets Voted The Worst A-List Actor In Hollywood

    The perception of Amber Heard as a ‘bad actor‘ stems from a variety of factors, including personal controversies, critical reception of her performances, and public opinion. Moreover, People critique her acting abilities as they find her performances lacking depth or range. 

    Additionally, her involvement in legal disputes and controversies with her ex-husband Johnny Depp has heavily influenced the public perception of her. So, it’s not surprising that people chose to label Heard as the ‘worst actor.’ The list is a general public-voted one, concluded in December 2023 with more than 900,000 votes.

    Before her court drama, Heard was known for her roles in ‘Aquaman’ and ‘Zombieland’. However, even back then a lot of people critiqued her acting skills and claimed that she was able to get roles due to her looks. Moreover, her professional work has been overshadowed by the legal battle between her and Johnny Depp.

    So, it’s hard to conclude whether people dislike her for her acting skills or her personal life. Additionally, ever since her very publicized court drama, there has been no news of Amber featuring in upcoming films.

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    Which Other Celebrities Are On The Worst Actors List?

    Madonna, Jaden Smith, and Jennifer Lopez
    Madonna, Jaden Smith, and Jennifer Lopez

    While the hate for Amber Heard is widespread and very well-known in Hollywood, other A-listers and their controversies are not as well known. Despite his father being one of the most praised actors ever, Jaden Smith is often criticized for his ‘stiffness’ and ‘minimal emotional range’ while acting.

    Additionally, Jennifer Lopez, who has a very versatile career, is also criticized for having ‘limited range’ when it comes to acting. Madonna, who is best known for her singing, gets criticized for the same reason as Jennifer. Critics believe that two only portray characters who are very similar to themselves.

    A lot of other celebrities were also named on the list including Taylor Lautner, Amy Schumer, Miley Cyrus, Kristen Stewart, James Corden, and more. Between everyone, the most common complaint critics had was actors lacking ‘emotional range‘.

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