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    Amber Heard Trolled For 11 Lines And 20 Minutes Of Screentime In ‘Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom’

    As if there was not enough controversy to surround actress Amber Heard, many more trolls have come to bite her after the release of her most recent movie ‘Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom‘. Heard has been the subject of some major online trolling since her high-profile legal battle with ex-husband Johnny Depp was publicized.

    ‘Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom’ stars the 37-year-old actress in the lead role along with actors Jason Momoa and Patrick Wilson. The movie hit theaters on December 22 and has not been doing so well at the box office. But the viewers seem to be focused on something else — Amber Heard’s noticeably minor role in the movie.

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    Amber Heard’s Role Cut Out From Main Narrative Of ‘Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom’

    Amber Heard and Jason Momoa in ‘Aquaman 2’ (Image: Variety)

    After the release of the ‘Aquaman’ franchise’s second part last week, critics couldn’t help but notice that a majority of Amber Heard’s part has been removed from the movie’s main narrative.

    Reports suggest that the curtailment of her role in the film falls perfectly in line with earlier statements made under oath by Walter Hamada, former president of DC Films at Warner Bros.

    Heard’s limited screen time in the film amounts to approximately 20 minutes, with a mere 11 lines of dialogue, as reported by Business Insider. Though she can be seen in some action sequences, her dialogue and general importance in the main narrative of the film’s storyline have been curtailed.

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    “Still Too Much”: Social Media Reacts To Heard’s Curtailed Screentime

    Amber Heard and ex-husband Johnny Depp (Image: Getty)

    Even though her character’s child with Jason Momoa’s character in the film is a crucial plot point, Heard has been reduced to 20 minutes of screen appearance. The film primarily focuses on Jason Momoa and Patrick Wilson, along with Yahya Abdul-Mateen and Nicole Kidman.

    Despite the reduction, critics argue that even the allocated 11 lines and 20 minutes are “still too much.” Social media platforms were quick to react after the reports of her curtailment came out. “That’s still too much,” a user on social media commented on a post stating the news. Another one said “She can barely be Heard,” pulling off a pun.

    Amber Heard has been receiving hate from the public as well as Hollywood alike after her trial with Johnny Depp. Though many believe she was in the absolute wrong in terms of what she did to her ex-husband, critiques blending her acting with her personal life has been a matter of controversy.

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