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    “Marvel Movie Sounds Like A F***ing Nightmare”: Kristen Stewart Reveals Her One Condition To Join MCU

    Kristen Stewart is no stranger to being a part of big production movies. The actress was part of the Twilight’ franchise alongside her co-actor Robert Pattinson. Additionally, she has always spoken about how she did not like to be associated with Bella so much.

    Stewart has had her own battles with being a part of Hollywood. She had previously talked about her frustration with constantly being asked about her relationship with Pattinson despite it being years ago. Now, Marvel characters often consume the persona of the actors playing them. So, is Kristen ready for it? She is, on one condition.

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    Kristen Stewart Would Only Act In A Marvel Film If Greta Gerwig Is The Director

    Greta Gerwig and Kristen Stewart
    Greta Gerwig and Kristen Stewart

    Host of ‘Not Skinny But Not Fat Amanda Hirsh told Kristen that she would be good for the role of Mary Jane in ‘Spiderman.’ However, the actress thought differently and claimed that despite liking being a part of big movies she was not up for them. “You would have to put so much money and so much trust into one person… and it doesn’t happen,” she said.

    She further talked about the only condition under which she would take up the chance to act in a Marvel Film would be under Greta Gerwig. “And so therefore what ends up happening is this algorithmic, weird experience where you can’t feel personal at all about it. But maybe the world changes.”

    She continued, “I will likely never do a Marvel movie. That sounds like a fu**ing nightmare, actually. If Greta Gerwig asked me to do a Marvel movie, then I would do it.”

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    Kristen Stewart On Getting Emotional While Watching ‘I’m Just Ken’ Performance

    Kristen Stewart and Ryan Gosling
    Kristen Stewart and Ryan Gosling

    Ever since ‘Barbie‘s release in 2023 Greta Gerwig has won the hearts of several girls across the globe. This includes huge actresses like Margot Robbie, Kristen Stewart and more. Additionally, Kristen on the podcast, talked about watching the ‘I’m Just Ken’ performance.

    She opened up about feeling emotional while watching the performance. “I was, for some reason, crying and laughing while watching the Ken thing. It’s emotional, dude, watching Greta watch it. When they did the one cutaway of her and she was just, like, front-row belting. And looking at the thing she helped kickstart, I was like, this is too much,” she added.

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