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    “It’s The Ken Magic”: Kristen Stewart Reveals She Was ‘Crying And Laughing’ During Ryan Gosling’s Oscar Performance

    Barbie movie has received a lot of attention since its premiere, and one performance in particular that everyone adored was Ryan Gosling’s song ‘I’m Just Ken. The song gained popularity due to its significant meaning and the excellent addition of Gosling’s humor.

    On the night of the Academy Awards, Gosling won applause for bringing out his inner Ken on the stage. His performance was the event’s highlight and uplifted the mood of attendees. People had some funny reactions to his performance, one being Emma Stone’s dress disaster. Similarly, actress Kristen Stewart also shared how she felt “emotional” during his performance.

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    Kristen Stewart Cried Over Ken’s Performance

    The 'Spencer' actress is making the leap from drama to comedy
    Kristen Stewart

    Kristen Stewart acknowledged being a huge fan of the ‘Barbie‘ movie and expressed her admiration for it. She described how she was more into strange toys as a child and wasn’t a huge Barbie fan, but that changed later on and she became a “super duper fan” of the movie. A little side note, even the film’s director Greta Gerwig’s mother never let her play with Barbie dolls.

    On a podcast withNot Skinny But Not Fat which was recorded on the day of The Academy Awards, Stewart revealed how Ryan Gosling’s ‘I’m Just Ken‘ performance made her emotional and she started crying. She asked the host Amanda Hirsch “Oscars were incredible last night. Best they’ve been in years, I feel. Don’t you think it was just a good show?

    Stewart revealed the true reason for her asking the question by saying, “I was, for some reason, crying and laughing while watching the Ken thing. It’s emotional, dude, watching Greta watch it. When they did the one cutaway of her and she was just, like, front-row belting and looking at the thing she helped kickstart.”

    It was just Ken’s magic that flooded her with emotions and Stewart wasn’t alone here.

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    How Celebrities Reacted To Ryan Gosling’s Performance

    Ryan Gosling and Margot Robbie during his performance
    Ryan Gosling and Margot Robbie during his performance

    Even though the Oscars were a while ago, the performance is still gold and a masterpiece on its own. Different celebrities responded to the performance in their own way, but they all agreed that it was fantastic.

    Margot Robbie laughed her heart out and thoroughly enjoyed Ryan Gosling’s performance. Emma Stone made light of the fact during Ryan’s performance, her dress broke during her Best Actress Oscar speech for ‘Poor Things‘. Overall Ken never fails to deliver but remember he’s “just Ken”.

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