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    “This Is Going To Shock People…”: Kristen Stewart On S*x Scenes In ‘Love Lies Bleeding’

    You’ve never seen Kristen Stewart play a character like this. Since starring in the ‘Twilight’ series, the actress has continuously reinvented herself. But nothing has been as challenging as her upcoming romantic thriller ‘Love Lies Bleeding’ by Rose Glass. The ‘Spencer’ actress talked about her fascination with Glass, leading them to collaborate on ‘Love Lies Bleeding.’

    Kristen Stewart also hints at a major s*x scene, which has a definite shock value. Stewart plays Lou, a queer gym owner who falls hard for Jackie, an ambitious bodybuilder on her way to success. Complications arise when their romance leaves behind a trail of dead bodies, eventually catching up with Lou’s past.

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    Kristen Stewart Talks Shocking S*x Scenes In ‘Love Lies Bleeding’

    'Spencer' actress says the s*x scenes in 'Love Lies Bleeding' are going to shock people.
    ‘Spencer’ actress says the s*x scenes in ‘Love Lies Bleeding’ are going to shock people.

    After watching ‘Saint Maud,’ Kristen Stewart knew she was meant to work with Rose Glass. Soon, the opportunity came knocking when she was offered to play Lou in Glass’ romantic thriller ‘Love Lies Bleeding.’ Speaking to Variety, the ‘Spencer’ actress talks of finding the film a culmination of things she has found exciting on screen.

    Kristen Stewart also mentioned the sex scenes and how their authenticity is bound to scandalize and titillate the audience. The 33-year-old actress told the outlet, “They don’t take their clothes off, but this is going to shock people,

    Kristen Stewart added, “All you ever [usually] see is a dress coming up and a head going down under. I think even hetero s*x on film is so rote. You go, ‘OK, I know what that looks like in movies, that’s what we’ll do,’ because no one actually wants to reveal themselves.”

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    ‘Spencer’ Actress Opens About ‘Twilight’ Movies

    Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan on 'Twilight' (Image: Getty)
    Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan on ‘Twilight’ (Image: Getty)

    The Variety profile also saw Kristen Stewart go in depth about past career choices. Most notably, she finally embraced the queer-coded ‘Twilight’ movies she was a part of. “I can only see it now. I don’t think it necessarily started off that way, but I also think that the fact that I was there at all, it was percolating. It’s such a gay movie,” the Oscar-nominated actress said.

    Kristen Stewart also expressed dissatisfaction with making the ‘Charlie’s Angels.’ She said, “I hated making that movie. I don’t know what else to say to you. Honestly, the three…you can’t touch [that]. Cameron, Lucy and Drew…I love that movie. I love that movie! If that says anything.”

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