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    Are Ed Sheeran And Harry Styles Friends?

    Celebrity friendships are quite an interesting topic because you never know who is whose friend. Two of the UK’s biggest male musicians – Ed Sheeran and Harry Styles have a huge fan following in the world. But, are they good friends?

    Reportedly, they have shared a close relationship over the years. Ed Sheeran has now opened up about his friendship with the ‘Watermelon Sugar‘ singer.

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    Ed Sheeran And Harry Styles’ Friendship

    Ed Sheeran says that Harry Styles' thing is not little at all
    Ed Sheeran and Harry Styles

    They are the best singers in the industry and also great friends. Ed Sheeran talked about their friendship with Harry Styles on the ‘Spout Podcast‘. He said, “There’s something about going through your formative years, you know like it’s quite weird. Like, he’s obviously, like, on top of the world right now and has gone from being in the biggest boy band in the world to then being the biggest solo artist in the world.”

    They have been spotted multiple times together over the years. Ed Sheeran and Harry Styles have known each other since their struggling days. Sheeran even wrote one of One Direction’s biggest hits, ‘Little Things‘. The duo even shares a Pingu tattoo. Their bond has stayed strong through all the years and through all their girl troubles as well.

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    Sheeran Compares Former Couple Harry Styles And Taylor Swift On Friendship Scale

    Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran have known each other since 2012
    Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran have known each other since 2012

    Ed Sheeran further compared Harry Styles to another of his close friends. “It’s the same thing as Taylor,” said Sheeran referring to his good friend Taylor Swift. He added, “There’s rarely people that like totally understand you and I think both of them because they are solo artists and are at this level you kind of talk and there’s an understanding there that you don’t necessarily get from everyone.”

    Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran are very good friends. They also have a song together and have remained friends throughout the years. What fans found interesting is that Harry Styles and Taylor Swift are exes. So this comparison came as a surprise to them. 

    It is interesting to note that even though Styles and Swift broke up, they have remained in touch and may even be good friends. Their reunion at the 2023 Grammy Awards said nothing less. 

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