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    Are Johnny Depp And His Lawyer Camille Vasquez Dating Each Other?

    While Johnny Depp is embroiled in a high-profile defamation case involving his ex-wife Amber Heard, his legal team is quietly developing a following. Camille Vasquez has established a large following among them.

    There have been rumors recently that Camille and Johnny’s connection is more than simply business, and that the two are dating. When confronted about the rumor, Camille appears to shrug it off in a recently-surfaced video.

    Camille Laughs Off Dating Rumors

    After the hearing, Camille and the rest of Johnny’s legal team can be seen departing the courtroom on camera. One of the paparazzi waiting outside asks Camille if she is dating Johnny as she comes near the photographer. Camille greets the photographer, but when the question is posed, she merely chuckles.

    The photographer goes on to say that the rumors are all over the Internet and asks her if she wants to clear the air. Camille ignores the inquiry and continues on her way, pausing to pat a fan’s dog outside the court. She then moves away after hugging a few admirers.

    Fans Too Are Curios About This Budding New Friend Of Johnny Depp

    Camille and Johnny Depp
    Camille and Johnny Depp

    The question was met with laughter from a number of supporters. Others thought the entire thing to be amusing. However, there were a number of people who wanted Camille and Johnny to be together. One may argue that Johnny is in desperate need of a smart woman like his lawyer, Camille Vasquez.

    “We are so deprived of simple kind acts that a man and woman smiling at each other has to mean they are dating.”

    A comment from one of the fans

    Several people have lately spoken publicly about the Johnny Depp-Amber Heard issue. Joe Rogan, a long-time UFC analyst, is one of them, and his JRE podcast has frequently discussed the historic defamation trial.

    I think she loves him, and she hates Amber. Because Amber hurt him.”

    Joe Rogan’s view of Camille and Johnny Depp’s Relationship

    Well, fans have spread information on TikTok and other social media sites, fearing something was up with Johnny and Camille, but we’ve been informed it’s all a hoax.

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