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    Ariana Grande Labelled “Homewrecker” For Ruining Ethan Slater’s Marriage Amid Success Of ‘Yes, And?’

    Ariana Grande is back in the limelight with the release of her first solo in the last three years. The reason for the spotlight, however, is not just the song, but also its implications. Grande released her latest ‘Yes, And?’ with a powerful message.

    The pop sensation called out her critics for interfering too much in her life with the song. Not just the video, but the lyrics of the song also slam her critics for commenting on matters such as her romantic and sexual life as well as her body. Naturally enough, the song triggered a controversy with many labeling her a “homewrecker“. Read on to know why people have put a new tag on the songstress.

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    “Your Business Is Yours, And Mine Is Mine”: Ariana Grande Slams Critics In ‘Yes, And?’

    Ariana Grande in ‘Yes, And?’ (Image: Getty)

    Ariana Grande’s latest single ‘Yes, And?’ ignited a storm in Hollywood with fans making all sorts of ugly accusations against her. What worked as the fuel to this fire are Grande’s song lyrics which directly ask people to mind their own business and stop interfering with her life.

    In the song, Grande has addressed all the backlash she has received so far in her career with regards to several aspects including her personal relationships, her skin color as well as her work. The pop sensation slammed such people will all the sass through her lyrics.

    Say that s–t with your chest, keep moving like, ‘What’s next? Yes, and?'” the song lyrics say. The 30-year-old pop star further says in the song, “Your business is yours, and mine is mine. Why do you care so much whose d–k I ride?”

    As if to respond to her calling out, many on social media accused Grande of being a “homewrecker” suggesting her relationship with Slater began before his divorce from his estranged wife, Lilly Jay. The netizens pointed out that the duo started dating each other around the same time that Slater got divorced.

    Grande’s romantic life has been under the public microscope since her divorce from real estate agent Dalton Gomez in October 2023. Her relationship with Slater has been especially criticized, chiefly after Slater’s ex-wife Jay said she was completely “blindsided” by his romance with Grande.

    Jay also accused her of not being a “girl’s girl” and labeled her family as “collateral damage.”

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    “No One Cares Whose D–k You Suck. But Don’t Forget What You Did”: Netizens Slam Ariana

    Ariana Grande and Ethan Slater (Image: Getty)

    Against this backdrop, Ariana’s song  got harsh comments from many as they opined that Grande has ruined a family and is playing the victim.

    this woman is so ugly and nasty. like you f–ked a whole-ass married man and you’re the victim???” a social media user wrote. “go spend your time sucking that spongebob d–k … instead of crying to us!!” another one wrote, referring to Ariana’s current boyfriend Ethan Slater, who played the character in the ‘Spongebob Squarepants‘ musical in 2017.

    No one cares whose d–k you suck. But don’t forget what you did,” another troll wrote. “You ruined the life of the child and the women (sic). You could’ve sucked anyone’s d–k. But you choose to destroy a family. Truly a disgusting women (sic), another claimed.

    Other accused her of playing the victim despite being the culprit. “she helped ruin an entire family with a newborn baby and now she wants to play the victim by dissing the internet and press like she wasn’t caught,” a third one wrote. “i can’t stand her.”

    While a majority was against the pop star, some also spoke out in her defense. Moreover, despite the online backlash, ‘Yes, And?’ climbed the charts to enter the Top 10 on the Apple Music Songs chart. Some celebrities, including Katy Perry, also voiced their support for Grande’s new single.

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