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    “You’re Gonna Get Somebody Hurt Doing This S***”: Ben Affleck Loses His Cool And Charges At Paparazzi Outside Jennifer Lopez’s House Amid Divorce Rumors

    Indeed Hollywood couples have messy breakups and divorce incidents. From Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt to Madonna and Sean Penn, high-profile divorces have garnered a lot of spotlight.Now, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are going through a rough patch with a dramatic rumored separation.

    Recently they put their marital home on sale, fuelling divorce rumors. And now, Ben Affleck was seen outside the house, and due to the flashing lights of the cameras, he erupted on paparazzi.

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    Ben Affleck Blows Up In Front Of Paparazzi Outside His And Jennifer Lopez’s Marital Home

    Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez
    Ben Affleck and JLo

    It seems that Ben Affleck is going through tough times amidst his rumored divorce with Jennifer Lope. He even erupted in rage in front of paparazzi as seen in a video shared by TMZ while he was leaving Jennifer’s house. He went to her home but things didn’t go well.

    Ben was seen shouting at the paparazzi while pointing at them. He also took the phone of one of the people in anger. However, he had a good reason for it. “You’re gonna get me into an accident,” Affleck exclaimed in the video as he approached a photographer and added, “Don’t flash your lights when someone is driving down the driveway. Don’t do that. That’s dangerous.”

    The ‘Gone Girl’ actor was clearly agitated and concerned over his safety and that of others as he urged the paparazzi to “Stop.” He continued, “It’s dangerous what you guys are doing, don’t you understand? I can’t see! You’re gonna get somebody hurt doing this s***.”

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    Body Language Expert Breaks Down Ben Affleck’s “Historic Dislike Of Being The Center Paparazzi Attention”

    Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez
    Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez

    The 51-year-old “got to a point where is on a short fuse”, according to a body language expert, Judi James. According to Judi, it was an act of “anger” and he was “triggered” by the cameras.

    Well, it is understandable on the part of Ben as paparazzi flashlights on the faces of these celebrities, which is often blinding. And during such tough times in his life, Ben might have gotten irritated by all the attention.

    Speaking to the Mirror, Judi said, Ben Affleck is known for his historic dislike of being the center of paparazzi attention but he will usually restrict his signals of frustration and irritation to a scowl or two. Here though he seems to have erupted in anger.”

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