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    “She’s Just A Deeply Unpleasant Person”: Meghan McCain Slams Jennifer Lopez For Her Behavior During ‘The View’ Entourage

    Jennifer Lopez has been hogging the headlines for a while now for her supposed marital rift with Ben Affleck. While many of her fans are rooting for her, there’s someone else who has a scathing review of the singer and actress.

    Meghan McCain has come forward with some heavily negative experiences she had with Jennifer Lopez during her time on The View’. On her new podcast, ‘Citizen McCain’, she claimed that Lopez was “deeply unpleasant” when she appeared on the ABC talk show. Here’s what she said.

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    Meghan McCain Feels Bad For Jennifer Lopez Getting Bullied, But Insists On Her Bad Personality

    Meghan McCain

    Meghan McCain was talking on her new podcast with co-host Miranda Wilkin, when they started discussing Lopez’s current pop culture status media personality and TV producer Carlos King. McCain noted that Jennifer Lopez’s career had taken a bit of a downturn in 2024.

    She further recounted that Lopez had the largest entourage she’d ever seen on ‘The View’, even more significant than that of Kim Kardashian or the president. However, she contended that Lopez is an “unpleasant” person. “I, too, share similar negative stories that the entire world does,” McCain said.

    I feel bad because we’re turning a point where there’s bullying happening to J.Lo. She just is a deeply unpleasant person. She had the biggest entourage I’ve ever seen [when she was on The View]. More than Kim Kardashian and the president. I just don’t really understand why it was needed,” the host added.

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    Meghan McCain Insists Jennifer Lopez Is “Not Nice” And Kim Kardashian Seemed “Delightful”

    Jennifer Lopez
    Jennifer Lopez

    Meghan McCain noted that during ‘The View‘ entourage, Lopez would have a staff member holding a mirror with lights for continuous touch-ups backstage. She said Lopez’s behavior was unnecessary and a celebrity like Kim Kardashian, who is also infamous as unpleasant to be around, paled in comparison in front of Lopez.

    I was a host at The View, she was not nice. You don’t always have to be so nice, but it was surprising that people like Kim Kardashian couldn’t be more delightful,” McCain said. “When you’re coming on a show for a 10-minute segment… just fake it till you make it for 10 f—ing minutes,” McCain said.

    Carlos King chimed in, as he told McCain and Wilkins that he’s a “huge” fan of J.Lo and that the conversation has him “gagging.” King asserted that he had met her in the past during her early success days.

    She was so nice, and she didn’t have a big entourage. Now look, I’m not a dummy. She has since became, like, this global superstar,” King argued. “She performed and danced for 90 minutes straight — no break. She’s a hard worker, and I was shocked that people weren’t buying the tickets,” King added, standing his ground as Lopez’s fan. However, McCain seemed to be firm with her views of Lopez.

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