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    Jennifer Lopez Says “AI Is Really Scary” As She Recounts Her Face Being Used Unethically

    Director Brad Peyton’s latest Netflix sci-fi action movie ‘Atlasis singer-actor Jennifer Lopez’s latest work. Lopez stars as the titular character in the thrilling film, taking on the role of a data analyst who must rely on artificial intelligence to save Earth from an evil robot, played by Simu Liu.

    While AI continues to establish growing significance in almost all aspects of human life, the film takes on a relevant premise with a gripping story narrative and a stellar cast. However, being a part of the film has made Lopez realize the threat that AI might pose to several aspects of the active society. Here’s how she voiced her thoughts.

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    Jennifer Lopez Reveals Her Personal Experience With The Dangers Of AI

    Jennifer Lopez (Credit: Getty)
    Jennifer Lopez

    Jennifer Lopez was at the Los Angeles premiere of her latest film ‘Atlas‘, when she shared insights into the film and her thoughts on AI. “I think this movie does a good job of showing how AI could go incredibly wrong, and this is how it could go really right,” Lopez said while being interviewed on the red carpet.

    Lopez’s character is in the chief role in the film and her journey is a compelling exploration of AI’s dual nature, with both heavy potential benefits as well as some unavoidable dangers. Lopez revealed that other than in the movie, she has personally been subjected to the repercussions of AI.

    Jennifer Lopez said she has herself experienced the dark side of AI, with manipulated photos of her face being used in ads for skincare products she has no affiliation with. “It’s really scary,” she said, describing how these images showed her face covered in “wrinkles.” “Right away we had them stealing our faces. So, yes, [AI] is really scary,” she said.

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    Jennifer Lopez Believes AI Needs To Be Respected Despite Its Dangers

    Jennifer Lopez with her co-stars at 'Atlas' premiere
    Jennifer Lopez with her co-stars at ‘Atlas’ premiere

    Though she has own grievances with AI for several reasons, Jennifer Lopez maintains a balanced perspective on the future of AI. “I think you should be respectful of AI… We have to be open to all possibilities. These movies that are talking about AI — especially this one — do a really good job of showing both sides,” she explained during the interview at the premiere of ‘Atlas‘.

    Her co-star in the film, Sterling K. Brown, who plays a military officer fighting alongside Atlas, also praised Lopez’s work ethic. “Moguls be moguling,” he said, as he marveled at how Lopez managed her commitments.

    She was talking earlier today how she has brought down her level of commitments. I would have marveled to see her at full tilt, because it looked like it was full tilt when we were together. There was always something happening,” he said.

    Atlas‘ is now available on Netflix, where it has been a top 10 most-watched movie throughout Memorial Day weekend.

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