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    Bianca Censori Dons Transparent Raincoat With Nothing Underneath During Los Angeles Outing With Kanye West

    Kanye West and his wife Bianca Censori has been making the headlines for their bold show offs over the past few months. The rapper has not been shying away from showing off the semi-nude pictures of his wife and model, while Censori also seems to be enjoying the unusual limelight.

    The couple has done it once again, and are going a step ahead this time. Bianca Censori made a bold fashion statement during a recent trip to a music studio with her husband, Kanye West in rainy Los Angeles weather. The 29-year-old wore a fully transparent raincoat with nothing underneath.

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    Bianca Censori Puts Everything On Display With Her See-Through Raincoat

    Bianca Censori (Image: Getty)
    Bianca Censori (Image: Getty)

    Known for her avant-garde style, Bianca Censori is doing it yet again hand-in-hand with her husband Kanye West. The model donned a transparent raincoat in rainy Los Angeles and wore nothing underneath it. The raincoat has black lettering on the front that strategically covered the parts of her breasts.

    The buttons running down her raincoat provided a touch of modesty, although her figure remained prominently displayed through the transparent raincoat. To maintain a level of discretion, she used her phone to shield her lower private section, which lacked any branding.

    While the exact text on the coat is unclear, it appeared to spell out “DAILY” in large letters, with some numbers and letters above and below the logo. She paired the raincoat with black knee-high heeled boots, leaving little to the imagination.

    Censori’s choice of outfit in the stormy weather is yet another proof to her boldness when it comes to outfits. The support she often gets from her husband Kanye West was also on display this time as she walked hand-in-hand with him.

    In contrast to his wife’s outfit, Kanye West opted for a more conservative look. He was spotted donning a black leather jacket, pants, rain boots, gloves, and a black face mask covering his entire head. He finished his look with a beige tarp-like poncho.

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    Kanye And Bianca Are Infamous For Showing Off Their Bold Outfit Choices

    Kanye West and Bianca Censori (Image: Instagram)
    Kanye West and Bianca Censori (Image: Instagram)

    This isn’t the first time the couple has showcased their bold choice for clear rain gear. About a couple of weeks ago, the two were spotted wearing similar outfits in different colors. Censori had paired her blue rain jacket with black underwear during the last outing.

    The couple is known for their distinctive and bold fashion choices. They have consistently turned heads with their eclectic wardrobe since they got married. Kanye West has also gone a step ahead by sharing the nude pictures of his wife on his social media.

    He recently shared a photo of Censori donning a thong and a nearly transparent Yeezy x Mowalola “Wet” tank top. Censori has also been seen in a metal mesh bikini, outfits made of sheer tights, and even sporting a pillow close to her chest in some of the pictures posted by Kanye.

    The Grammy winner and Censori got married on December 20, 2022, and have since been in the headlines for their bold displays.

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