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    Bianca Censori Goes Braless In A New Kanye West Video As He Continues To Post Semi-Nude Content Of His Wife

    Kanye West has been on a roll of saying and doing wrong things, whether the time is right or wrong! The pattern has been evident since 2022, when Ye introduced ‘Black Lives Matter’ t-shirts during Paris Fashion Week. Later, the rapper went on an anti-Semitic rant, resulting in the industry ousting him. The ‘Donda’ rapper lost all the goodwill and financial wealth.

    However, after Kanye West completely went bonkers, he went off the radar, only to come out with a new wife, Bianca Censori. The couple seemed normal in the initial days, but they got into several controversies during their outings in Italy as Ye styled Bianca in risqué clothing. However, the rapper has been continuing this saga of semi-nude clothing, and now the pictures are making it to his official Instagram account.

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    Kanye West Plugs Yeezy With A Video Of Bianca Censori In A Bodysuit

    Kanye West and Bianca Censori (Image: Instagram)
    Kanye West and Bianca Censori (Image: Instagram)

    After Kim Kardashian, Bianca Censori has become a muse for Kanye West, and he is pushing, rather than tearing, the envelope. This time Ye has cleared his Instagram to post a video of not one but multiple Biancas for a Yeezy campaign. Censori is wearing a sheer bodysuit without a bra and white fluffy boots. There are many clones of Bianca Censori in the video as well.

    This is not the first time that Kanye West has used Bianca Censori to reflect his quirky fashion styling. His first post was Bianca in a skimpy bikini top and just a thong.

    Ye captioned the post, writing, “No pants this year.” The couple was also spotted in Las Vegas, where the Yeezy architect had an almost-nip slip in another bikini top. There were also pictures of Bianca in a bodysuit, preparing breakfast with her back to the camera, and Kanye captioned, “Cream of wheat.”

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    John Dolmayan Slams The Rapper For Posting Semi-Nude Pictures Of His Wife

    John Dolmayan asks Kanye West to show some class as he posts NSFW pictures of wife Bianca Censori
    John Dolmayan asks Kanye West to show some class as he posts NSFW pictures of wife Bianca Censori

    It is not only the netizens who are finding Kanye West’s quirky styling not appealing, but the metal rock artist, John Dolmayan, has criticized the rapper for posting pictures of Bianca Censori in skimpy clothes. The lead drummer of System of a Down asks Ye to show some class.

    As per ‘The Messenger’, John Dolmayan said, “You have kids who look to you for moral guidance, and this is supposed to be the person you protect the most. Your wife isn’t supposed to be your trophy, she’s your place of pride and dignity. This isn’t the way.”

    John Dolmayan, when Ye’s fans tried to defend him, said, “Would you show pictures of your wife’s t**s to your friends? Your parents? If so you and I don’t see things the same way and no amount of explaining will change that. Good luck to you.”

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