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    Christian Bale Served As A Mediator Between Amy Adams And “Abusive” ‘American Hustle’ Director

    Christian Bale is easily one of the most popular Hollywood stars of all time. He is the recipient of several accolades, including an Academy Award and two Golden Globe Awards. Bale is also known for his Chamelion-like quality of bleeding into a character, especially its physical aspect.

    In a recent interview, the 48-year-old English actor opened up about his experience of doing ‘American Hustle.’ He mentioned that he served as a mediator between Amy Adams and the director David O. Russell. Let’s find out what exactly happened on that film set.

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    Christian Bale Talks About His Experience Of Doing ‘American Hustle’

    Christian Bale
    Christian Bale

    Bale received an Academy Award for Best Actor nomination for his performance in the black comedy film ‘American Hustle.’ Its director David O. Russell is known for his short temper.

    In a cover story interview with GQ Magazine, the ‘American Psycho‘ star said that he worked as a mediator between his co-star Amy Adams and David. “I did what I felt was appropriate, in very Irv style,” he said.

    If I can have some sense of understanding of where it’s coming from, then I do tend to attempt to be a mediator,” Bale added. “That’s just in my nature, to try to say, ‘Hey, come on, let’s go and sit down and figure that out. There’s gotta be a way of making this all work.’”

    Despite the bad experiences, Bale doesn’t look down upon that film. “You’re dealing with two such incredible talents there,” he said.

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    David Treated Adams Badly On The Film Set

    Amy Adams
    Amy Adams

    In 2014, the Sony Pictures hack revealed an email exchange between journalist Jonathan Alter and his brother-in-law, then-Sony CEO Michael Lynton.

    Alter claimed that Russell “so abused” Adams on the film’s set. “His abuse and lunatic behaviour are extreme even by Hollywood standards,” Alter wrote.

    Adams addressed the claim in 2016, calling his work ethic as “mania.” She recalled the director “yelling” at her and making her cry every day. “He was hard on me, that’s for sure. It was a lot,” she said. “I was really just devastated on set.”

    Russell is known for his problematic behavior towards actors like George Clooney, Lily Tomlin, and Adams. The director had groped his 19-year-old transgender niece and physically attacked Christopher Nolan in 2003.

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